Bath Lifts

  1. ShowerBuddy BathLyft Power Bathtub Lift - Main Image
    BathLyft Power Bathtub Lift
    • High backrest, can be positioned and folded with one hand
    • Reclines to 45° at lowest position
    • Lowers to 3 inches
    As low as $409.00
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  2. Drive Bellavita Dive Bath Lift - Main Image
    Bellavita Bath Lift
    • New removable backrest with 50° recline
    • Larger seat with hygiene cutout
    • Improved dual column design provides optimal stability for up to 300 pounds
  3. Archimedes Bath Lift
    Archimedes Bath Lift
    • Battery operated – no dangerous power cables
    • Fully waterproof hand control
    • Safety feature: will only lower you into the bath when there is sufficient battery power to raise you back out again
  4. Mangar Health Bathing Cushion + Airflo 12 - Main Image
    Mangar Bathing Cushion + Airflo 12
    • Fully waterproof hand control
    • Lifts up to 336lbs (24 stone)
    • Powered by low air pressure using the Airflo Mk3 power source
  5. Surfer Bather Pediatric Bath Lift + Airflo 12
    Surfer Bather Pediatric Bath Lift + Airflo 12
    • The Surfer Bather bath lift enables the child to lie down at the bottom of the bath
    • The Surfer Bather bathlift elevates and lowers effortlessly at the touch of a button
    • Adjustable backrest and seat
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Safely getting into and out of the bath tub is a challenge for even a healthy person. But when you're injured, weak, or lacking balance, getting into the bath becomes more dangerous. Bath lifts are designed to facilitate safe transfers into and out of a bath tub, and they are excellent for use in both home and professional health care settings.


Bath lifts serve to eliminate that big, dangerous step over the lip of the tub. Rather than stepping down into the tub, a bath lift provides you with a surface to sit on that then is lowered directly into the tub. This design increases stability and reduces the physical demands of getting into and out of the tub.


Bath lifts are ideal for anyone who is weak, unstable, or who has a limited range of motion which prohibits them from making that big step into and out of the bath tub. Bath lifts are designed to be easy to use in your home bath, and feature weight capacities which can accommodate up to 375 pounds.


You will find that bath lifts are available in different styles. The most common style is an extended chair which adheres to the bath tub's bottom. In some cases, the chair reclines, but some lifts feature chairs which lower while remaining upright. Lifts which mount with suction cups have the advantage of being removable so that other household members can use the entire tub. However, if you invest in a bath lift which mounts to the wall, the lift has the ability to actually slide and transfer the patient over the tub lip before lowering the patient into the tub.


Bath lifts are battery powered and many come with a waterproof hand control for ease of use. When evaluating a bath lift, make sure to familiarize yourself with any safety controls that the bath lift features – some lifts will not lower themselves if there is not enough battery power left to raise the lift back up again.