Electric Wheelchairs

  1. Golden LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair - Main Image
    LiteRider® Envy Portable Power Chair
    • Under seat basket is standard and great for personal items
    • Comfortable 17" wide x 16" depth seat
    • Joystick controller can be put on either the left or right side
    As low as $1,775.00
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  2. Jazzy® Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair
    Jazzy® Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair
    • Joystick with built in USB charger is removable for transport
    • Airline compliant lithium battery*
    • Ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling
    As low as $2,539.00
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  3. Zoomer Folding Power Chair
    Zoomer Folding Power Chair
    • Folding and unfolding the Zoomer is easy! Just pull the release cable and it folds down or up, with no additional assembly required.
    • Folding and unfolding takes less than a few seconds and the Zoomer fits where others can’t.
    • The battery takes less than 4 hours to fully charge and will power your Zoomer for up to 8 miles. The removable battery makes it airline-friendly too.
    As low as $2,899.00
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  4. Pride Jazzy Air 2 Elevating Power Chair - Main Image
    Jazzy Air® 2 Elevating Power Chair
    • Height adjustable headrest
    • Bright LED marker lights offers visibility in all environments
    • Single-sided caster forks for enhanced maneuverability
    As low as $4,259.00
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  5. QUICKIE Q50 R Carbon Power Chair
    QUICKIE Q50 R Carbon Power Chair
    • Lightweight and portable carbon fiber construction
    • Effortless folding for compact storage and transportation
    • Extended range of up to 15 miles on a single charge
    As low as $3,584.00
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  6. Pride Go Chair G2 Portable Power Chair - Main Image
    Go Chair® Travel Power Chair
    • Feather-touch disassembly
    • Inline Right and & Left Side swing-away joystick accessory option
    • Offered in 6 different colors
    As low as $1,699.00
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  7. Pride Jazzy® EVO 613 Power Chair - Main Image
    Jazzy® EVO 613 Power Chair
    • Narrowest Jazzy ever with a base of only 22"
    • Height, width, and angle adjustable armrests
    • Easy access to the controller and batteries while user is still seated
    As low as $3,759.00
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  8. Journey Health Zinger Portable Power Chair - Main Image
    Zinger Portable Power Chair
    • Provides great control even at fast speeds and offers excellent stability even on rough terrain.
    • All Zingers use a breathable, honeycomb mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable, even on longer rides.
    • It can easily pull right up to tables or desks, allowing you to join the party.
    As low as $2,899.00
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  9. JAZZY® 1450 HD Power Chair
    JAZZY® 1450 HD Power Chair
    • 602 lbs. weight capacity
    • Maximum speed up to 4.5 mph
    • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package
    As low as $4,689.00
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  10. Sunrise Medical Frontier V6 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair - Main Image
    Frontier V6 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair
    • Greatest off-road capability in the Frontier range
    • Best Frontier model for curb climbing
    • Exceptionally smooth ride due to its low pressure tires
    As low as $13,995.00
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  11. Magic Mobility Extreme X8 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair *Base Model - Main Image
    Extreme X8 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair *Base Model
    • Four independent high speed, high torque, high efficiency motors
    • Unbeatable curb and step climbing ability
    • Articulating front frame with low pressure knobby tires
    As low as $14,299.00
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Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs significantly restore independence and mobility for anyone dependent on a wheelchair. They are powerful, versatile, and capable of going just about anywhere.

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, power wheelchairs run on battery power and require no propulsion from the user. Instead, they are operated using a joystick, requiring little physical movement. This makes power wheelchairs practical for people recovering from injuries, those with limited upper body strength, and those who have had a stroke or other injury to the upper body.

Many electric wheelchairs are designed to be your primary mode of transportation. They are built to be durable and sturdy, ready for regular use, and up to the task of covering lots of ground. You'll find that some power wheelchairs are created for both indoor and outdoor use, while others are built strictly for outdoor use and travel. In addition, each power wheelchair tends to have different features, from the seat style to the travel range and top speed.

Exploring the Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair offers many benefits to those with limited mobility, especially since a wide range of power wheelchairs deliver additional features to customize a user’s experience. 

More Freedom and Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of an electric wheelchair is getting around without exerting as much energy. This allows users to get out more, reach further distances, and regain freedom and independence. Additionally, these wheelchairs make traveling up hills and inclines far easier than with a traditional wheelchair. 

Added Comfort

Wheelchairs should be comfortable. Unfortunately, many traditional wheelchairs lack the space and features that focus on comfort, whereas an electric wheelchair can include larger cushions, support, and stability. 

Safer Operation

Since electric wheelchairs are far more stable than traditional ones, they’re far less likely to tip over and can more easily handle uneven terrain, including bumps or debris. Furthermore, outdoor power wheelchair models offer further mobility and safety for outdoor travel. 

Choosing the Right Power Wheelchair

Whether shopping for your first electric wheelchair or replacing an existing one, we want to help you find the wheelchair that suits your needs. Power wheelchair models come in different categories, such as heavy duty chairs, portable, lightweight power wheelchairs, and outdoor wheelchairs. 

For personalized recommendations or assistance, be sure to contact our experts

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are designed to accommodate larger users. These wheelchairs feature reinforced frames that enhance weight capacity while delivering the support, comfort, and maneuverability you need. Additionally, these models will have various seat and lap belt sizing options. 

Outdoor Power Wheelchairs

Are you looking for an electric wheelchair that expands your mobility in the Great Outdoors? Our selection of outdoor power wheelchairs features better performance and stability on outdoor surfaces and terrain. In addition, many of these chairs include several customizable options, such as style, color, seat sizes, and additional features.

Portable Electric Power Wheelchairs

Many electric wheelchairs are bulky so they can accommodate so many features, such as a greater weight capacity or extended battery life. However, portable electric power wheelchairs are lightweight and designed for travel. These chairs can be disassembled to make them easier to transport, though some heavier components might involve some lifting. 

Why Choose Med Mart

At Med Mart, we put our customers first. With over 30 years in the business and more than 5,000 products, we provide our customers with comprehensive electric wheelchair options to suit the specific needs of each individual.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with your purchase. We provide free, lifetime tech support with every purchase, so you can get help when you need it most.

Browse our wide selection or give us a call to help you find the wheelchair that best suits your needs.