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When you or a patient is restricted to bed for any period of time, you can quickly become uncomfortable, especially when dealing with a lower quality mattress. Patients with sensitive skin may deal with issues such as pressure points and skin shearing. If a mattress doesn't provide enough support, it will be hard to stay comfortable. And if you or a patient is recovering from an injury, a soft but supportive surface can help to ease pain. Don't forget that a poor quality mattress also negatively affects the quality of your sleep.

While investing in a brand-new mattress can be financially prohibitive, a mattress overlay may provide the ideal solution. Mattress overlays simply fit over the top of your existing mattress, adding another layer of protection and comfort. They are a fast and efficient way to improve the quality of rest and comfort without bringing in an entirely new mattress.

Mattress overlays use a variety of materials, including air and gel foam, to provide a soft yet supportive layer. You can set mattress overlays up in a matter of minutes, and can enjoy comfort the same day that you receive them. A good mattress overlay can help to increase your comfort, reduce pain, and provide a more refreshing, better quality of sleep.

One of the major benefits of using a mattress overlay is that it is an affordable option. Mattress overlays range in price, but are often more affordable than buying a new mattress. If you or a patient is confined to bed for a limited amount of time, a mattress overlay may give you that added comfort that you need as you recover. You can then remove the overlay once you are healed and no longer need the additional cushion or support.