Let us take care of your Delivery & Setup


With Premier In-Home Delivery, our exceptional customer service continues right to your door. Our skilled delivery team inspects
and prepares each item before carefully assembling it (when necessary) and placing it in your home.



Once your order is received, here's what you can expect. Your order will be pick and processed for fullfillment and in the meantime one of our customer service team members will assign your Premier In-Home Delivery to a tech(s). For Premier In-Home Delivery items, the date reflects the week the Service Center anticipates receiving your order. The estimated date is the approximate date the order is expected to arrive, and is subject to change.

Premier In-Home Delivery is scheduled by appointment. Once your item(s) arrive at the local Service Center, you will be contacted to schedule your delivery appointment. Delivery is subject to reasonable and safe access. It is your responsibility to advise us of any special delivery requirements. Hoisting, window removal, and any other extraordinary measures necessary to accomplish delivery are your responsibility and at your risk, the cost of which must be paid by you at or before the time of delivery.

Premier In-Home Delivery items are unpacked, inspected, and prepared for setup prior to delivery. Delivery to shipping addresses farther than 50 miles from a Design Center may be limited and could take longer.

A minimum redelivery fee of $100.00 will apply if you are unable to accept a scheduled delivery and a second delivery trip is required, or if a scheduled delivery is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time for the delivery.

A storage fee of 2% of the total order amount per month will be charged to the credit card or gift card used for the purchase if delivery is not accepted within 30 days after notice of availability of merchandise for delivery. If you fail to accept delivery for 90 days after notice of availability of merchandise for delivery, at our sole option and at anytime thereafter, we may cancel your order and refund your payment less any unpaid storage fees and a 15% service and handling fee.

Unfortunately, delivery service fees, including next-day, two-day and overnight shipping fees, inside delivery, premier in-home delivery and tech set-up are not refundable.