Threshold Ramps

  1. PVI Aluminum Solid Threshold Ramp
    Aluminum Solid Threshold Ramp
    • Strong yet lightweight aluminum
    • 600 lb capacity
    • Non-skid traction surface
    These plate style threshold ramps help get a scooter or wheelchair over small steps or other rises.
    As low as $53.99
    In stock
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  2. EZ Access Transitions Angled Entry Mat
    TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat
    • Easily trim to fit all sizes
    • Durable and secure solid rubber
    • Portable, can easily be moved to another door or location
    Replace your traditional welcome mat with a TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat to welcome guests of all levels of mobility.
    As low as $109.99
    In stock
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  3. PVI SafePath BigHorn Plastic Polymer Solid Threshold Ramp
    SafePath BigHorn Plastic Polymer Solid Threshold Ramp
    • Made from recycled polymer
    • Slip-resistant ceramic coated quartz surface
    • Installs with high grade stick tape
    The BIGHORN™ Plastic Threshold Ramp by PVI provides a quality, attractive ramp, which ensures access and independence to your home.
    As low as $124.99
    In stock
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  4. TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate
    TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate
    • Made of durable, lightweight aluminum and features an applied surface for slip-resistance
    • Built-in handle for easy carrying and placement. Just set it and use it
    • Made in the USA and carries a three-year warranty.
    The TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate is a solid, single-piece plate that offers a fast, simple solution for getting hand trucks, service carts, or any other industrial equipment up and over curbs, thresholds, and raised landings up to 5.75” high.
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Thresholds can be difficult to navigate with a scooter, wheelchair, rollator, or walker. Threshold ramps are affordable, practical ways to make thresholds and raised landings safer and more manageable for anyone who uses some sort of walking assistance.

Threshold ramps are designed in a variety of styles and sizes, so they can accommodate a number of different settings. Some threshold ramps are suitable for navigating small interior doorway thresholds, while others can help to navigate a threshold as large as a small stair or exterior door’s threshold.

A threshold ramp can provide a smoother, more comfortable transition into a home or business. This can be particularly valuable to people who have back pain or other pain that a jolting motion can aggravate.

Threshold ramps are affordable, versatile, and easy to install. They are highly durable and can be used for long-term and short-term solutions. These ramps can help to make all areas of a building wheelchair accessible, all at a relatively low cost.