Heavy Duty

  1. Pride Jazzy Elite HD
    Jazzy Elite HD
    • Heaviest Piece 89 lbs
    • Travel Range 9.8 miles
    • Top Speed 4.2 mph
    • Weight 141 lbs
    • Weight Capacity 450 lbs
    The Jazzy Elite HD comes with free setup by a Pride technician. This, paired with the scooter’s 13-month limited warranty, gives you peace of mind about your purchase.
    As low as $3,699.00

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  2. Pride Jazzy 1450
    Jazzy 1450
    • Heaviest Piece 195 lbs
    • Travel Range 12 miles
    • Top Speed 4.5 mph
    • Weight 336 lbs
    • Weight Capacity 600 lbs
    The Jazzy 1450 is a powerful, durable, and high-performing power chair. It offers an impressive 600-pound weight capacity and is ideal for anyone who likes to travel.
    As low as $4,499.00

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Heavy duty power wheelchairs are generously sized and have high weight capacities, making them accessible for many people. These power wheelchairs are strong, run on battery power, and have customizable features for a perfect fit.

The heavy duty power wheelchairs on this page include weight capacities ranging from 350 to 600 pounds. Additionally, they are available with a wide range of seat widths, some as wide as 32”. Heavy duty wheelchairs are a practical alternative to traditional power wheelchairs, which have limited seat widths and lower weight capacities.

These heavy duty wheelchairs are designed to help keep you comfortable when you use them for hours at a time. They feature various seat type options, and some of them include elevating legrests for a customized fit. Many of these wheelchairs include a reclining back so that you can find the position that is just right for you.

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are controlled by the use of a joystick. They achieve top speeds between 4 and 4.5 miles per hour, and have travel ranges between 9.8 and 22 miles.

Because heavy duty power wheelchairs are larger than traditional power wheelchairs, they tend to also be heavier. Most heavy duty power wheelchairs will require the use of a vehicle lift for transportation. Some heavy duty power wheelchairs do fold up to make transportation easier.

It is important that the power wheelchair you use fits you correctly. Using a power wheelchair that is not suited to your body will only result in discomfort, and exceeding the weight capacity on a chair can damage the chair itself. If traditional power wheelchairs do not fit you correctly, then consider the additional sizing options in heavy duty power wheelchairs.