1. Compact Power Wheelchair
    Compact Power Wheelchair
    • Folds in seconds for easy travel and storage
    • Easy to operate with joystick speed controller
    • Wide, comfortable seat with adjustable footrests
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  2. Golden LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair
    LiteRider Envy Portable Power Chair
    • Under seat basket is standard and great for personal items
    • Comfortable 17" wide x 16" depth seat
    • Joystick controller can be put on either the left or right side
    As low as $1,599.00
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  3. Cirrus Plus LT
    Cirrus Plus LT
    • Foldable, lightweight frame for easy portability
    • Adjustable-length controller mount
    • Swing-away footrests with heel loops
    As low as $1,625.00
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  4. New go chair doors open med mart online 2nd generation apart
    Go Chair G2 Portable Power Chair
    • Feather-touch disassembly
    • Inline Right and & Left Side swing-away joystick accessory option
    • Offered in 6 different colors
    As low as $1,634.00
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  5. Folding Power Wheelchair
    Folding Power Wheelchair
    • Powerful, dual-motor wheelchair
    • Folds in seconds for traveling
    • Thick padded seat cushion with adjustable armrests
  6. EZ-GO Portable Power Chair
    EZ-GO Portable Power Chair
    • Rear wheel drive for intuitive steering
    • Ultra-durable steel frame
    • Compact size and easy disassembly for storage and transportation
    As low as $1,789.00
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  7. Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair
    Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair
    • Folds in half in just a few simple steps for effortless transport
    • Includes convenient, under seat mesh storage bag, mesh cup holder and 60” lap belt
    • Makes traveling a breeze with an overall weight of just 60 lbs.
    As low as $2,244.00
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  8. Zinger Portable Power Chair
    Zinger Portable Power Chair
    • Provides great control even at fast speeds and offers excellent stability even on rough terrain.
    • All Zingers use a breathable, honeycomb mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable, even on longer rides.
    • It can easily pull right up to tables or desks, allowing you to join the party.
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  9. eWheels M45 Lightweight Power Wheelchair
    M45 HD Portable Power Wheelchair
    • 400 lbs. weight capacity
    • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
    • Meets FAA battery regulations for air-safe travel
    As low as $2,675.00
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  10. Zoomer Folding Power Chair
    Zoomer Folding Power Chair
    • Folding and unfolding the Zoomer is easy! Just pull the release cable and it folds down or up, with no additional assembly required.
    • Folding and unfolding takes less than a few seconds and the Zoomer fits where others can’t.
    • The battery takes less than 4 hours to fully charge and will power your Zoomer for up to 8 miles. The removable battery makes it airline-friendly too.

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Filter Your Results: 15 results

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Power wheelchairs are excellent ways to increase your mobility while requiring minimal physical exertion. However, power wheelchairs can be big, bulky, and heavy, making transportation a challenge. Many power wheelchairs require the use of a vehicle lift to transport the chair.

Portable power wheelchairs eliminate the need for a vehicle lift. Portable wheelchairs either fold up into a compact unit, or can be disassembled into multiple pieces for easy transportation. The pieces can be placed into a vehicle, and then the wheelchair can be reassembled once you've reached your destination.

Because portable power wheelchairs can be transported without the use of a vehicle lift, they are more accessible for many people than traditional power wheelchairs are. When buying a portable power wheelchair, you do not have to budget for the added cost of a vehicle lift or its installation. Some vehicle lifts are only compatible with particular hitch types, which can also limit your choice. None of this is a problem with a portable power wheelchair – if the portable wheelchair disassembles into pieces, then you can transport it using even a small car.

Portable power wheelchairs tend to be versatile choices if you're looking for a wheelchair for multiple uses. Portable wheelchairs are more compact than outdoor power wheelchairs, making them practical choices for indoor use. Many portable power wheelchairs boast a tight turning radius so you can navigate tight quarters in your home.

As you look at portable power wheelchairs, consider the different features available on each chair to find the chair which works best for you. Factors like the presence of elevating legrests, the wheelchair's top speed, the weight capacity, and more can help you to determine whether a portable power wheelchair may be the right match for you.