1. M48 Power Wheelchair
    M48 Power Wheelchair
    • Front, rear and center suspension for high performance on all surfaces
    • Adjustable-heigh and width armrests
    • Battery range up to 14.2 miles per charge
    The M48 Power Wheelchair is a front wheel drive power wheelchair for both indoor and outdoor use. The 24” turning radius makes it very convenient to navigate.
    As low as $1,879.00
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  2. Alante Sport
    Alante Sport
    • Two tone captain's seat
    • All wheels and casters are flat-free
    • Front wheel drive
    Golden Tech's Alante Sport is a high-quality indoor power chair. It has 9" drive wheels that are non-marking on high-strength steel rims with shiny hubcaps.ᅠ
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  3. Dualer Power Wheelchair
    Dualer Power Wheelchair
    • Two-in-one power base
    • Power-elevating seat that rotates for front or rear wheel drive
    • Dual footplates provide comfort no matter which drive option is being exercised
    The Dualer Power Wheelchair by Merits Health converts from front to rear drive in seconds and provides the user with maximum stability and comfort.
    As low as $2,660.00
    In stock
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  4. Compass Sport
    Compass Sport
    • Footplate is height and angle adjustable
    • Single post seat mount for easy assembly and disassembly
    • Armrests are width adjustable, up to 6"
    The Compass Sport offers plenty of customization options, from frame color to controller position, ensuring that your power chair is just right for you.
    As low as $3,399.00
    In stock
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  5. Apollo Power Chair
    Apollo Power Chair
    • Features two-coil suspension
    • Mid-wheel drive technologyand heavy-duty construction
    • 13.5” Drive wheel for enhanced outdoor performance
    Features two-coil suspension, mid-wheel drive technology and heavy-duty construction. It’s the best power chair with well-equipped featured in the same class.
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  6. Jazzy Elite 14
    Jazzy Elite 14
    • 300 lbs. weight capacity
    • Front-wheel drive design for excellent maneuverability
    • 14" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction
    The user will appreciate the patented mid-wheel design and two-motor front wheel drive. The Jazzy Elite 14 combines safety, styling, and comfort in one great package! FDA Class II Medical Device*
    As low as $3,529.00
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  7. Jazzy 600 ES
    Jazzy 600 ES
    • Side-mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers
    • Active-Trac ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain
    • Easy front access to batteries
    The Jazzy 600 ES is a quality power chair. With its impressive travel range of up to 17.10 miles on a single battery charge, this power chair is ready to travel. FDA Class II Medical Device*
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  8. Whill Model Ci Portable Travel Power Wheelchair Left Side Medmartonline.com
    Model Ci Portable
    • Ergonomic controls
    • Amazing stability for safety
    • Superior traction and suspension
    With the ability to climb over 2” objects, navigate tight indoor spaces, and be disassembled in 10 seconds, the Model Ci Portable is an innovative and popular mobility option.
    As low as $3,999.00
    In stock
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  9. Jazzy Air 2
    Jazzy Air 2
    • Height adjustable headrest
    • Bright LED marker lights offers visibility in all environments
    • Single-sided caster forks for enhanced maneuverability
    The Jazzy Air 2 power wheelchair by Pride Mobility is an improved version of the groundbreaking Jazzy Air. This new version features a power elevating seat that raises an additional 12 inches in just 11 seconds! FDA Class II Medical Device*
    As low as $4,029.00
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  10. Apollo II Power Chair
    Apollo II Power Chair
    • Upgraded to FWD power chair in 2020 edition
    • 10" Solid tires, full-long, heavy-duty, padded armrest set
    • FWD power chair helps you forward closer, ride smoother, and fit most of the tight corners
    FreeRider Apollo 2 is upgraded to FWD power chair in 2020 edition. Its agility meets the stability with 470lbs weight capacity.
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  11. Luggie Chair
    Luggie Chair
    • Wide foot platform comes with a handle
    • Wide-angle flip armrest
    • Quick-Release Front Wheel
    We have been redefining the travel power chair with Luggie DNA because we want to provide freedom mobility in safety way. Innovation, but not Recreation.
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  12. Pride Jazzy Select 6
    Jazzy Select 6
    • Dual-layer powder coated frame for increased durability
    • Larger foot platform
    • Built with ease of service in mind
    The Jazzy Select 6 features 6” front and rear casters which provide stability, while its tight turning radius and Active-trac Suspension ensure a smooth and easy ride. FDA Class II Medical Device*
    As low as $4,699.00
    In stock
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Outdoor power wheelchairs are built for heavy-duty outdoor use. These power wheelchairs are ready to cope with the hills, uneven terrain, and other challenges of outdoor travel. Outdoor power wheelchairs are excellent ways to increase your mobility, and they require no self-propulsion on your part.

Outdoor power wheelchairs often feature flat-free tires and anti-tip wheels to provide the wheelchair with traction and stability over varying terrain. Many outdoor power wheelchairs also include some sort of suspension system to help create a smooth and enjoyable ride.

You will find that outdoor power wheelchairs offer larger travel ranges than most portable wheelchairs. They also boost significant incline ratings, meaning that they’re capable of negotiating the hills that you may encounter in your travels.

Since it is expected that you will spend a large amount of time in your power wheelchair, many outdoor power wheelchairs are equipped with supportive seats designed to keep you comfortable. Most power wheelchairs have footrests and armrests, and most also include adjustable headrests. High-back seats are popular options, since they provide you with excellent support as you travel.

Because of their significant size and weight, many outdoor power wheelchairs require the use of a vehicle lift to transport the wheelchair. Some models do disassemble into pieces for easy transportation, but others do not. If you’re interested in a model which does not disassemble, then be sure to work the cost of a vehicle lift and possibly its installation into your budget.

From running errands to traveling to work, outdoor power wheelchairs are uniquely designed to provide you with mobility wherever you need to go.