Solid Ramps

  1. EZ Access TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp - Main Image
    TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp
    • Constructed from lightweight aluminum and welded for maximum strength and durability
    • Reinforced hook/strap safety attachment point allows the ramp to be secured to a vehicle while loading
    • Solid, single-piece design means no assembly is needed. Built-in curbs help prevent equipment and hand trucks from slipping off the edge
    As low as $895.00
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  2. PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Access Ramp with Handrails - Main Image
    OnTrac Wheelchair Access Ramp with Handrails
    • Provides a safe, accessible transition for scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers
    • Weather-resistant, rust-free aluminum construction with white powder coated handrails
    • 850 lb weight capacity
    As low as $1,045.00
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Filter Your Results: 3 results

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Solid ramps are an excellent accessibility solution to many different situations. Solid ramps are an easy way to make small inclines, stairs, and other obstacles wheelchair accessible. Practical for use in both home and business settings, solid ramps are more permanent solutions to accessibility issues.

You will find that there are a variety of solid ramps available. These ramps can range from the most basic, designed to provide an incline up to a single step, or the more complex ramps equipped with rails. The right type of ramp for you will depend on your particular situation and needs.

Solid ramps are built to be strong, and they generally feature a generous weight limit designed to accommodate both a patient and a wheelchair or scooter's weight. These ramps are designed for outdoor use and are built from materials which are weather-resistant. Most ramps feature a surface which provides traction for increased safety.

Ramps can serve any number of uses. In addition to being useful for people in wheelchairs or scooters, they also make inclines which are more easily navigated by people using walkers, rollators, or canes. They can be a low-cost long-term way to make a building or home accessible, and are also a great choice when you only need temporary accessibility while someone in your home recovers from an injury.

Unlike folding ramps, solid ramps are constructed with a single ramp surface, giving them additional strength. However, because of this construction, they aren't as easy to store as folding ramps may be.