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  1. Power Assisted Stand-Up Manual Wheelchair
    Power Assisted Stand-Up Manual Wheelchair
    • Ergonomic Handrims S-Shape Ergonomic Seating System
    • Swing In Away Footrests
    • Folding backrest / folding seat for easy traveling
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Standing wheelchairs provide both physical and psychological benefits to people who have muscle diseases or other conditions that do not allow them to stand on their own. If you are tired of always having to sit down in your wheelchair, a standing wheelchair can allow you to stand up and sit down when you choose.


Standing wheelchairs typically feature a harness option which helps to hold you into the seat. When you are ready to stand, the seat and back of the chair extend up so that you are supported by the harness and the frame of the wheelchair. You have the support that you need to maintain a standing position, and can sit down at any time by collapsing the wheelchair back down into its chair form.


There are countless benefits to being able to stand up during the day. Standing helps to increase your circulation and promotes a healthier digestive system. When you stand up, you can relieve the pressure that has been building up on your buttocks, which can also help to prevent pressure sores. Standing gives your bones and muscles a chance to extend, reducing the contraction that sitting for an extended period of time can create. Standing also contributes to bone density, and can improve your overall comfort.


Standing brings with it psychological benefits. Constantly viewing the world from a seated position can be frustrating. Being able to stand up means that you can converse with friends at eye level. You can better navigate some of the challenges of a work environment, and you have increased control over your own position. The use of a standing wheelchair can help to reduce your fatigue by allowing you to change positions, and can increase your independence.


Standing wheelchairs come in both power and manual designs, so it's important for you to choose the option which works best for your life and demands.