Adjustable Beds: Our Top 3 Hospital Bed Alternatives

Would you like to experience old age in a medical facility, or at home surrounded by friends and family members?

As the baby boomer generation ages, many individuals are determined to age “in place,” staying in their homes and surrounded by loved ones. Aging in place is becoming increasingly popular—and with good reason! It allows you to remain comfortable in your home and have full control over your daily life.

The real reasons why we need comfortable hospital beds:

  • Improves your loved one's comfort and sleep quality.
  • Facilitates better care and nursing access.
  • Reduces pressure sores with adjustable features.
  • Supports recovery through improved rest.
  • Enables better circulation and respiratory function.
  • Customizable positions aid specific health needs.
  • Promotes independence and mobility in patients.

DME: The Key to Aging in Place

As we age, our bodies require additional support and accommodations to ensure a comfortable and supportive home environment.

Your furniture and medical equipment at home play a critical role in the success of aging in place. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) can help transform your home into the perfect space to age in place safely. 

Adjustable Hospital Beds

Few pieces of furniture are more important than your bed! There’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep.

Adjustable beds offer the perfect balance of comfort and daily support without feeling like a sterile hospital bed. Offering a range of features and adjustability, these beds can be a game-changer for aging loved ones

Adjustable beds come in stylish designs, featuring greys and neutral colors to blend into your existing home decor– while offering many mobility and safety features. 

Best of all, adjustable beds come in standard mattress sizes (Twin, Queen, King), allowing you to sleep comfortably side-by-side with a significant other. 

Here, we’re sharing our top-rated, most loved adjustable beds for your home. 

Passport Hi Low Adjustable Bed

By Golden

Introducing the Passport Hi-Low Adjustable Bed from Golden, a game-changing solution that combines style, functionality, and comfort. This ultra-functional bed is designed for caregivers and loved ones alike. Features include raising and lowering the bed, underbed lighting, and an impressive 22-button remote (helping you find the perfect position every time). Best of all? The integrated vibrating massages system melts away your aches and pains at the end of a long day. 

The Passport’s luxury design makes it a perfect fit for home care settings and will seamlessly complement your interior design.

Kalmia Perfect-Height Hi-Low Adjustable Bed

By Parks Health

It’s hard not to love this staff-favorite adjustable bed. Use the wireless hand control to raise or lower the bed platform, adjust the head or legs, or even transition to zero gravity mode to ease aching joints. Built with innovative stabilization technology, the head of the bed remains in the same point in space while transitioning between positions. Featuring a comfortable memory-style foam that wicks away moisture and built-in massage functions, the Kalmia takes bedtime comfort to the next level. 

Premier Adjustable Bed 

By Flex-a-bed

The Flex-a-bed is designed to transform your comfort and quality of sleep, helping you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. The heavy duty padded base will not warp, squeak, or break, offering support that will last for years. Choose between wireless or wired controls to adjust positioning and find the perfect position to sleep, eat, read, or alleviate pressure. Use the headboard attachment to attach this bed to your existing headboard, helping it fit seamlessly with your bedroom furniture. With lockable rolling castors, you can securely move the bed around the room as needed. 

Looking for a new adjustable hospital bed for yourself or a loved one? Check out Med Mart’s catalog of the top-rated hospital beds on the market, or contact our team of product experts for assistance. The road to safely, comfortably aging in place starts here.