How To Choose the Right Wheelchair Ramp?
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Owning a portable ramp to simply and safely travel over curbs, stairs, and other obstacles is truly liberating. We know there are a lot of ramp options to choose from, but don’t worry - we are here to help! Finding the perfect portable ramp for you begins with finding the appropriate length and weight. These are two major factors that can easily be overlooked. While shorter ramps are certainly easier to transport, certain heights require a longer ramp to maintain a manageable incline. If you are looking for a ramp to take on-the-go, picking a lightweight model is extremely important. Having a reliable portable ramp will give you the freedom of mobility, no matter where you are! Read on for more information on finding the right ramp for you.

The Basics

If you are looking for a ramp to use at home, you can use our ramp calculator to find out what length will fit a specific rise without being too steep. We start you off with the ADA Standard Ratio of 1:12, which means there is one foot of ramp length for every inch of vertical rise, then move on to several other options. Technically only businesses have to be ADA compliant, but it’s always a good idea to determine what incline your wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility device is able to handle before purchasing a ramp. If you aren’t sure where to find that information, just give us a call at 1-888-260-4430 and we will be happy to assist you!

The weight of your portable ramp is also extremely important for convenience, stability, and safety. You can find the weight of any of our ramps under the “SPECS” tab of the product page. If you plan on regularly lifting the ramp in and out of your vehicle, we suggest finding a lightweight model. Fortunately, a lot of ramps are built from lightweight aluminum, so you have plenty of options.

Single-fold Ramps

Single-fold ramps fold once down the center, offering a seamless path from one end to the other. These are great to keep in your vehicle as they can often fit in the trunk or the back. Having a single-fold ramp at your disposal will ensure you access to areas you might otherwise not have been able to reach. The EZ Access Suitcase Singlefold Applied Surface Ramp is one of our favorite single-fold ramps because of its incredible value and reliable design. This ramp is built with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it the ability to maintain an 800-pound weight capacity. The best part? The ramp itself weighs in at only 30 pounds! The Suitcase single-fold AS Ramp can fold in half or be taken apart into two lightweight pieces for storage or transport.

Another great option if you are looking for a single-fold ramp is the Singlefold Ramp by PVI. The 5-foot model weighs only 24 pounds, making it a wonderfully portable option. This ramp also features an anti-slip high traction surface that will keep you safe and on track, even in the worst weather conditions. Singlefold ramps are a fantastic option for a portable ramp at a great value.

Multi-fold Ramps

Multi-fold ramps are even more compact, making them an even better option if you are planning on traveling frequently with your ramp in tow. Many models not only fold over twice, but can be separated into smaller pieces for convenient transport. A perfect example is our multi-fold bestseller, the EZ Access Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp. Its unique 3-fold design splits into two easy-to-carry sections, making it incredibly easy to travel with. The Trifold AS Ramp features self-adjusting transition plates that will provide you with a smooth passage onto and off of its applied slip-resistant surface. Available in lengths from 5 to 10 feet, this American made ramp is a perfect solution for anyone looking to immediately increase their accessibility.

Another unique option is the Aluminum Roll-up Ramp from Roll-a-Ramp. This portable ramp system features a unique roll-up design and is available in any length. The Roll-up Ramp is also available in three widths from 26" to 36". This ramp is a little heavier than our other portable models, but its durable construction is worth the extra weight. See all of our multi-fold ramp options here.

No matter what type of ramp works best for you, we are here to help with any questions along the way. Our ramp calculator is a great place to start, but if you would like to talk to one of our product experts you can contact us here or give us a call at 1-888-260-4430.