For Seniors: 6 Steps to Prevent A Fall In Your Home [Infographic]

A bad fall is terrible for anyone that does it, but the truth is that it gets (unfortunately) worse as we age. We just don’t pop back up as quickly as we did in our youth, and falls for older Americans can have lasting effects that permanently reduce your mobility.

According to research by the National Council on Aging, every 13 seconds, an older adult is seen in emergency care for a fall-related injury. That’s scary.

The best thing you can do is to take following preventative measures.

  1. Exercise! A very common reason that falls occur is simply because of a lack of stability, balance, or leg strength. Getting on an exercise regimen that keeps your legs strong, and your balance stable, will keep you nice and upright. For something like this, it’s best to spend a bit of money to work with a physical therapist that can develop you a custom exercise plan.
  2. Avoid rugs! Many people don’t realize how dangerous rugs can be. Not only are they a slip danger, but even the most graceful of people will get their toe caught on the edge and trip. If you can get carpet in your house, please do. If you can’t then make sure you’re using anti-slip rugs everywhere and that you remain super aware of the risk so you don’t trip.
  3. Grab bars! Stairwells have handrails so we don’t slip and fall. And yet, most houses don’t come equipped with grab bars in some of the most dangerous places of the house…including the bathroom (Check “3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer“). A little water on the bathroom tile is all it takes to take a tumble. Get a grab bar installed to seriously reduce the chances. (get a quote on purchase and installation here)

An Infographic from The National Council on Aging

Our friends over at the National Council on Aging put together a great infographic. Go to your nearest Staples or print shop and get this printed out as a constant reminder.

fall prevention infographicfall prevention infographic

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