Patient Lift Round Up

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Are you looking for a patient lift for your home or healthcare facility? We’ve got you covered! From classic sit-to-stand lifts to car transfer lifts, we offer a wide variety of equipment that will meet your unique needs. There are endless options when it comes to the features and functions of lifts and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. We’re going to help you find the perfect lift by breaking down the various types and popular features. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a product specialist, you can always give us a call at 1-888-260-4430.

Hydraulic vs Electric Lifts

One major difference between the patient lifts we offer is how the lift operates. Some of our lifts are electric, while others are hydraulic. Hydraulic lifts, also known as manual lifts, tend to be more affordable and feature simpler designs than electric lifts. The hydraulic function of manual lifts allows a caregiver to raise or lower a patient safely and steadily from a bed, chair, commode, or wheelchair. Most hydraulic lifts only feature a raise and lower function that is accessed by a lever found on the base of the lift. Drive Medical’s Deluxe Hydraulic Lift is a perfect example of a manual lift. It’s width-adjustable base allows you to position the lift around a wheelchair, and the low height of the base lets you roll it under a bed or other furniture. 

Electric patient lifts offer a smoother transition than manual lifts and are raised and lowered using an electronic mechanism. These lifts commonly offer functions beyond simply raising and lowering the patient, such as a power-adjustable base. While electric lifts tend to have a higher price tag than manual lifts, they are much easier to use and require less physical support from the caregiver. Electric lifts are typically operated with a remote or a control panel on the base of the lift. We even offer heavy-duty electric lifts that can lift much higher weight capacities, still simply by attaching a sling and pushing a button. Our most popular patient lift is an electric lift from Hoyer: The Advance-E 340 Patient Lift. This versatile lift features a unique base that allows you to get as close to the patient as possible, regardless of their position. With the use of a special patient sling, this lift can even be used to transfer patients from the front seat of a vehicle.

From Floor to Feet

When you experience a fall, a floor lift can be critical in getting safely back to your feet. We are happy to offer the Human Floor Lift from Indee Lift, an innovative lift solution that will help to quickly get you back on your feet in seconds. With the help of a single caregiver or loved one, this remote-operated lift features a seat that will slide under your body and elevate you back to a standing position. Handles on either side provide you with added support during the transition from floor to feet. This lift will help you to maintain your independence and stay in the home you love. See the Human Floor Lift in action in the video below:

Powered Base Lifts

As mentioned above, some of our electric patients lifts include a useful powered base feature. The bases of these lifts will open and close using powered controls on the lift or remote. This is incredibly useful when moving a patient from a wheelchair, bed, or commode, as you will be able to position the lift as close to the patient as possible. Most patient lifts have adjustable bases, but a power-adjustable base will make using any patient lift much easier on the caregiver and more comfortable for the patient. Invacare’s Reliant Plus 450 Lift has the option of adding a powered base and comes standard with a weight capacity of 450 pounds. This lift also comes with two batteries, so one can charge while the other is being used. The optional powered base allows the caregiver to access all functions of the lift from the remote control. The patient will experience a safe and smooth transition with little to no manual assistance needed. 

Folding & Portable

Portable patient lifts are perfect for anyone looking to use a patient lift in their home. When not in use, these lifts can collapse or fold for easy storage. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having a patient lift at home without having to worry about making room for a large, bulky piece of equipment. Another great reason to use a portable lift is that most designs can fit into the trunk of your car, so you can take it with you on the go! Hoyer’s Advance-H Portable Patient Lift is a lightweight, portable patient lift that features an oversized handle and a convenient push-footpad for accessing the lowering function. This lift can be easily folded up without any tools and is extra light for storage and transport. 

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Car Transfer Lifts

When you need to move a patient in or out of a car, a car transfer lift is the most useful piece of equipment you can utilize. These patient lifts are designed specifically for use with vehicles. Features typically include a low base to fit under the vehicle, an extended boom-style arm to reach the patient in the vehicle, and often the ability to fold or collapse to be able to be stored in a trunk during transport. Our most popular car transfer lift is the BestLift Car Transfer Lift from Bestcare. This lift is incredibly easy to use, battery operated, and can be folded for storage when not in use. It’s compact design also minimizes the swinging of the patient during the transfer, providing them with a safe and comfortable experience. See how Bestcare’s BestLift Car Transfer Lift can easily move a patient into and out of a vehicle in the video below:

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