Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Hospital Bed

There are any number of circumstances that may mean you need to buy a hospital bed. But a hospital bed is a big purchase, and if you don’t ask the right questions, you might end up with a hospital bed that isn’t quite right for your needs. That’s why Med Mart has come up with this list of questions to help you buy the hospital bed that’s just right for you.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Hospital Bed

What Is The Patient’s Long-Term Prognosis?

Is the user of the hospital bed expected to decline in ability or regain ability? If the person is likely to decline in their ability, it may be worthwhile to invest in an upper-quality hospital bed with plenty of features to help with care and to improve the patient’s comfort.

Will the Patient Need In-Bed Care?

Hospital beds are created to fulfill different functions. If a patient needs the bed for easier transfers or improved safety but won’t require in-bed care, then you can save money by opting for a more basic bed model. However, if the patient will require in-bed care, then you will want to look for a hospital bed which is designed for easy caregiving. Beds with the highest height adjustments and fully electronic operations make for easier caregiving.

Is the Patient at Risk of Falling?

If the patient using the bed is at risk of falling out of bed, then it’s best to look for a bed which has a low height option. This will place the patient closer to the floor. Pairing this bed with bed rails or other fall prevention equipment can help to reduce the risk and minimize the effect of a fall.

What Type of Rails Are Allowed?

If you are buying a hospital bed to be used in a professional care facility, then you will need to consider the types of bed rails allowed by the facility. Bed rails are available in different designs and sizes; the right option will depend on your facility’s policies. You may want to consider the Halo Safety Ring, since it’s allowed in many facilities where bed rails are not permitted.

What Type of Rails Are Needed for Safety at Home?

When caring for a loved one at home, you’ll have more control over the types of bed rails that you choose. The best bed rails for your situation will depend on your loved one’s condition and needs.

What Is Your Budget?

We realize that budget plays a role in every purchase, and do our best to offer a variety of hospital beds at different price points. Med Mart also offers financing, so you can start using a hospital bed right away even if you don’t have the entire purchase price on hand.

Buying Your Hospital Bed

Med Mart offers a wide selection of hospital beds, all with different features. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you find the right model hospital bed for your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.