Signs You Might Need a Vehicle Lift

Vehicle lifts are convenient pieces of equipment that can easily transfer your scooter or power wheelchair inside of or onto the back of your vehicle. But do you really need a lift? If you’re toying with the idea of investing in a vehicle lift, consider these points which can help you to decide if you really need one.

You’ve Become More Dependent On Your Wheelchair

Have you recently become more dependent on your wheelchair? Do you find yourself wishing you had your wheelchair or scooter available whenever you leave the house? Whatever the reason, if you find that you need your power wheelchair or scooter to travel with you more often, a vehicle lift is a sound decision that can make transporting your mobility vehicle easier and safer.

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You’re Upgrading Your Scooter or Wheelchair

If you’ve recently upgraded to a new scooter or to a power wheelchair, it may be time to look into a vehicle lift, too. Depending on your wheelchair or scooter’s weight, it may be impossible to move them into your vehicle on your own. If you’re planning on upgrading, then it’s a wise idea to factor a vehicle lift into your budget, too.

You Frequently Travel Alone, Or Will Do So More in the Future

A vehicle lift is essential if you use a mobility vehicle and travel alone. Lifts are designed so that they can be used by the wheelchair user. If you’re traveling alone, then you may want to install the lift so that it places the wheelchair through the left passenger door of your vehicle for easy access.

Even if you aren’t traveling alone, there’s no beating the convenience provided by a lift. Don’t forget that the lift can provide important safety protection, since trying to lift a heavy or awkward object can bring risk or injury.

You Have Additional Physical Limitations

There are many portable scooter options out there, but even folding or disassembling scooters must be picked up and placed into your vehicle. If you travel alone and have additional or worsening physical limitations, then picking up your scooter may become more difficult. A vehicle lift eliminates the need to manipulate your scooter in any way, taking care of all of the work for you.

You Want More Independence

There’s no putting a price on your independence. A wheelchair lift can allow you to quickly and easily pack up and go, whether you’re heading to work, going to visit friends, or heading off on that vacation that you’ve been planning.

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to purchase a vehicle lift for your scooter or wheelchair? You’ll need to consider the type of lift that is best for your situation. Vehicle lifts are available for both scooters and wheelchairs, and some lifts even transfer your scooter or wheelchair right into your vehicle for you. The right lift for your situation will partially depend on your preferences, the scooter or wheelchair you have, and the vehicle that you drive.


Med Mart staff are ready and waiting, happy to help you explore your options and find the vehicle lift that is just right for your needs. Please give us a call if you have any questions.