The Key to Choosing the Right Vehicle Lift for Your Mobility Scooter

You just bought a mobility scooter to help you get around. Now, how is your mobility scooter going to get around? You probably haven’t put much thought into how you’re going to transport your scooter when you hit the road.

Scooters are great for moving around your home, the grocery store, and even around the block, but for longer distances, if you want your scooter with you, you’re going to have to fit it in (or on) your car somehow. Ask yourself, how can you get your scooter into your car to take it to the museum? On vacation? To the zoo?

The Easy Way: Portable Scooters

Portable mobility scooters like the Go-Go Ultra X by Pride or the Golden Buzzaround are made for people who like to take frequent trips. Lightweight and often foldable or easy to dissemble and reassemble, portable scooters pack away in the back of your vehicle with no problem.

A Little More Difficult: Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

On the other hand, you may have opted for the reliability, durability, and carrying capacity of a heavy duty scooter like the Golden Compass or the Cobra GT4. If you want to get one of these devices up, into, and out of your vehicle, you may need to buy a vehicle lift.

Luckily for you, We have some pointers on how to pick the right vehicle lift for your car, truck, or van:

  • First, confirm what kind of mobility device you want to transport? Mobility scooters vary in weight and dimensions quite a bit. It’s best to know what you’re dealing with before you invest in a vehicle lift.
  • Next, decide where you want to keep your scooter during transport, inside your car or on the outside. An exterior transport holder like the Universal Scooter Lift from Harmar includes a platform for keeping your scooter stable on the outside of your car. Other lifts are designed to bring your scooter up and inside your car.
  • Do your homework, look for reviews, and even ask to speak with satisfied customers.
  • When you have found the right vehicle lift, make sure you use a manufacturer certified installer.
  • Last but not least, call customer service to see how helpful they are over the phone. This should be a great indicator to how they will help you after a purchase.

A Tool to Help You Choose a Vehicle Lift for Your Scooter

If you’re not sure which vehicle lift is a good fit for your vehicle and your mobility scooter, we have linked a simple tool to help you out. You can find the tool online here: Just input the make and model of your car and mobility scooter or power chair into the two simple fields.

If you don’t think the configuration is a perfect match or doesn’t fulfill your unique combination needs, no problem. Our certified Harmar vehicle lift technicians are standing by to help you find the right lift. They have thousands of combined hours of installation experience and can be a great resource.

There is nothing better than having an expert with tons of real-world experience standing by to help make your vehicle lift purchase a breeze.

The beautiful world around you is calling. Don’t let your ambulation shortcomings get in the way. Close your eyes and envision the new you. No more thinking about how far you can walk before you can’t stand the pain. Walk as much as you feel comfortable and have your mobility chariot waiting for you wherever you go.

With a good vehicle lift, nothing is stopping you from hitting the open road, with the sun on your back and the wind on your face.

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