Tips & Tricks for Putting on Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are useful and necessary for treating and managing edema, significant swelling in your legs, feet, and ankles. Your doctor may recommend that you use compression stockings on a daily basis. Because compression stockings must fit tightly in order to work, they can be difficult to initially put on. These tips and tricks can help you to put on your compression stockings.

Put Compression Stockings on Properly

Using a proper method to put compression stockings on can make the task easier. 1. While sitting down, reach down inside the top opening of the stocking. 2. Hold your hand with the palm side down, and reach all the way down into the base of the stocking. 3. Place your thumb into the heel, and put the rest of your fingers into the toes. 4. Make a fist and pull the stocking inside-out back through the top. Don’t pull the entire stocking inside-out – you just want the toe and heel area to come out of the top. You should now be able to see the toe and heel area of the stocking, which is now inside-out. 5. Now, turn the stocking around and place your toes into the toe area. 6. Pull the stocking up your foot as far as it will go. 7. Reach down to the opening of the stocking and pull it up your foot, unfolding the stocking as you go. The stocking will slip up the rest of your leg. You may have to stretch the stocking, and you should be careful to progress slowly to avoid ripping the stocking.

Start Early in the Morning

Did you know that the time of day that you put on the compression stockings can affect how easy the task is? Make a point of always putting your compression stockings on early in the morning before you have spent much time on your feet. Your legs and feet will be less swollen early in the morning, making the task of putting compression stockings on easier.

Wear Gloves

If you find it difficult to grip the slippery material of the compression stocking, then invest in a pair of gloves with rubber palms and fingers. The rubber on the gloves will give you an improved grip, making putting the compression stockings on easier.

Use Baby Powder

Putting a compression stocking on when your feet or legs are sweaty can be very difficult. Consider using baby powder to help the stockings slide over your skin more easily.

Use a Stocking Aid

If you’re still struggling to put your compression stockings on each day, then consider using a stocking aid or stocking frame. These devices are designed to hold the stocking stretched open, allowing you to slip your foot into the stocking without having to also stretch the stocking yourself at the same time. With a little practice, you will find the method that works best for you, and putting your compression stockings on every day will become easier.