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Trust Care is one of the leading companies within the design and innovation of aids for the elderly. Trust Care focuses on innovation to fulfill the needs of a new generation of users, who place new and higher demands on both technology and design. Our success is based on the fact that we invest heavily in our own design and construction department. We also cooperate with one of Europe’s most successful designers in the field. We design and manufacture all our own products. This is our company philosophy.

One of our major successes nationally and internationally is the rollator Let’s Go for indoor use – a rollator with many features and a unique design that has attracted a lot of interest worldwide. The company is young and innovative and based in Malmoe, Sweden. We export to more than 30 countries; Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan and Australia is being our largest markets. Our credit rating is AAA.

To improve the aging process for seniors and also help younger disabled people enjoy a better quality of life by continuously adapt and develop new functional healthcare products for people around the world.

Our design department makes up the core of Trust Care. The result can be seen all over the world in Trust Care products. Within the field of aids for the disabled, design has not yet been a priority in product development. Trust Care’s philosophy states the importance of design for the development and improvement of aids and their functions. We have attracted much international attention by being the first company to present a new way of thinking in the healthcare field, by making them more attractive to the user.