Battery Charging Dock for the Golden Buzzaround EX

By Golden


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With the Docking Station, you can leave your BuzzAround EX in the car and just take the batteries inside to charge. Or you can charge your backup battery pack assemblies while using your scooter at the same time! Simply place the batteries into the Docking Station and plug your charger into the charging port. Don’t waste time putting your scooter back together just so you can charge the battery. Save your time and energy with Golden’s All-New Battery Home Docking Station!
Product Highlights
  • Use only the automatic off-board charger supplied with your Buzzaround EX
  • Avoid deep discharges and never drain the batteries completely
  • Do not leave the batteries in a low state of charge for extended periods
  • Charge a discharged battery as soon as possible
  • Fully recharge batteries regularly
  • Always store batteries fully charged
  • Charged stored batteries one a month to prolong battery life
Golden Buzzaround EX Batteries Charging Dock