10 years helping customers
David F

President & Owner

Service is selling and selling is service.

7 years helping customers
David L

VP e-commerce / Founder

I have a passion for work, family, and friends! I will let you guess the order.

30 years helping customers
Tony A
General Manager / Purchaser
4 years helping customers
Maria F
Director of E-commerce Operations
8 years helping customers
Julie B

National Sales Manager

I am the sales manager of the best group of product sales specialists in the whole US! I've been with Medmart nearly a decade & love that we are here to provide expertise to our customers!

7 years helping customers
Margaret R

Manager Customer Experience Team

I'm told i'm the mom of this team. Ma Ma Marge so they say. If you have an issue let Marge take charge!

12 years helping customers
Darrell F

Senior Product Advisor

I'm the OG of DME. I have a passion for travel and new people. Ask me how many states and/or countries I have lived in.

6 years helping customers
Stacey B

Senior Product Advisor

I'm a Disney nerd and kid at heart but also I have to be an adult as a mom of 2. I'm little but mighty!

2 years helping customers
Kristan H

Product Advisor

I'm the southern bell of this group. It's true I pride myself on hospitality. My family and sports are my life!

20 years helping customers
Mike P

Product Advisor

With almost 20 years of experience, I have enjoyed helping people find solutions to care for their loved ones… one customer, one family at a time.

1 year helping customers
Lynette O

Product Advisor

A mom, a grandma and a dog/cat mom! My babies are my world! I hope to get the opportunity to assist you or a loved one in your time of need.

1 year helping customers
Amanda Y

Product Advisor

I am an enjoyer of loose-leaf tea and weird history. I have a passion for assistance, so let me help you with all your DME needs!

5 years helping customers
Lindsey A

Logistics Coordinator

I'm the Cardi B of DME! I will handle your package. My roots are in NY but planted in Cincy. My son is my life.

6 years helping customers
Sandra S

Repairs Coordinator

They call me the Kat Von D of DME. I'm animal lover & foster everything from dogs to skunks. My husband & kids don't enjoy this as much as me.

6 years helping customers
Brad G

Mid-West Warehouse Manager

Remember me when you get your package. It was picked and packed with love.

6 years helping customers
Robert A

West-Coast Warehouse Manager

My friends call me "The karaoke king of Clovis". My number one goal is to make sure all our customers are getting the best product and service possible.

2 years helping customers
Joselle L

Customer Experience Team

I am your Brightside Ninja and your Steel Magnolia. A certified Frustrated Baker who works with pixie dust.

1 year helping customers
Dili V

Customer Experience Team

I am always willing to assist if I do not have the answer to your question I will look for it!