SMOOV One Wheelchair Power Assist

By Alber

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The SMOOV one is a clamp-on power assist for a manual wheelchair.  The power assist can be easily mounted or removed. A carrying handle helps you steady the SMOOV one while you attach or detach the unit to your wheelchair.  A locking claw securely locks the SMOOV one to your wheelchair, whether you have a rigid or folding frame wheelchair without any fear of disconnecting.  Attachment is so easy you can do it even while sitting in your rigid frame wheelchair. The SMOOV one can also easily attach to a folding frame wheelchair.  The SMOOV one connects to the rear axles of a folding frame wheelchair with a removable axle adapter. 

What Makes This Different
The SMOOV one is powered by an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When fully charged the battery will provide up to a 12-mile charge range.* The battery is easy to charge.  The charger connects to the SMOOV one by inserting the charging plug into the charging socket and the cord simply plugs into a standard outlet.  The most unique feature of the SMOOV one is its control unit.  The control unit provides on-demand power. The control unit allows you to turn it on or off by just tapping it and adjust speed by just turning it. With the Bluetooth connection you can monitor the remaining battery life of the control as well as the battery life of the power unit.  Mounting of the control unit can easily and conveniently be placed on the right or left side of the wheelchair. 

Why We Like It
The SMOOV one is easy to use and can be taken almost anywhere.  The SMOOV one can handle terrains from gravel to wet roads or the floors in your home whether carpeted or smooth.  Even hills and slopes up to a 16% grade can be handled by the SMOOV one.  You can even conquer curbs.  As the wheelchair tilts to climb, the SMOOV one will tilt as well due to its flexible wheel and 356-degree swivel fork. Weighing in at just 16 lbs., the SMOOV one is easy to transport.  The handle on top makes for a convenient lifting and carrying aid. It can be taken on a bus, car, airplane, or train and easily stored due to its compact size. The accompanying APP has some great features including speed and battery information. But one feature we love is the Navigation add-on which you can use just like maps except the path and navigation shown will be ADA accessible. So it will take you on paths that have ramps, sidewalk breaks etc.. so no more jumping curbs.

Product Highlights
  • Easy to Mount and Easy to Remove
  • Up to a 12 Mile Range
  • Up to a 16% Slope
  • Built-In Battery Pack
  • Hub Drive Motor
  • Blue Tooth Connectivity
  • USB C-Port for Charging the Control Unit and Your Phone
Product Weight: 16 lbs.
Product Weight Range: 15 to 20 lbs
Weight Capacity: 310lbs.
Owner's Manual (4.48 MB)
60 Days

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