5 Reasons to Own a Lift Chair Recliner

Lift chair recliners make great additions to any home, but they’re particularly helpful for seniors or anyone who has mobility limitations. These chairs give you all of the benefits of a standard recliner, but also help you back to your feet again when you’re ready to get up.

Thinking of adding a lift chair recliner to your home? Here are five great reasons to buy a lift chair recliner.


If you would like a comfortable place to relax, watch TV, nap, or read, there’s no beating a lift recline chair. Choose from multiple recline positions and enjoy a comfortable chair that’s designed to support and cushion you.

In order to maximize your comfort, make sure that you purchase a chair that is the right size for you. Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes designed for users of different heights and weights.

Health Benefits

A lift chair recliner can provide you with important health benefits. The chair’s design can help to reduce pain, and is ideal for anyone who is recovering from an injury or who would benefit from elevating their feet and legs. Some chairs offer zero gravity positioning for added benefits. Additionally, you can upgrade many lift chairs with heat and massage features to further enhance the therapeutic benefits.


If you struggle to get out of a chair, a lift chair recliner is an ideal solution. Getting back to your feet is simple, fast, and easy, thanks to the tilt assistance of the chair. Whether you need to refresh your drink, use the bathroom, or answer the door, lift chair recliners are convenient and will quickly become a much-loved piece of furniture in your home.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a lift chair recliner is the fact that it can help to keep you safe. Because the lift chair gently helps you back to your feet, it can reduce the risk of injuries, slips, and falls. This is particularly valuable for anyone who’s recovering from an injury, who has balance difficulties, who is aging, or who just needs a little extra stability when getting back to their feet. The chair also eliminates the need for someone to assist you to your feet, which means that they’ll no longer be at risk for injuries like back strains or potential falls that they could sustain while helping you.

In addition to helping to prevent injury, the very fact that a lift chair recliner ensures you can get back to your feet quickly is an important safety feature. In the event of an emergency, this chair can save you valuable time.

Peace of Mind

Don’t forget that a lift chair also provides you, your family, and your loved ones with peace of mind. By improving your safety and ensuring that you’ll be able to get up and out of the chair again, a lift chair helps you to maintain your independence. It can help people to stay in their homes safely, and is an excellent choice for nearly any home.

Think that a lift chair recliner is for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you choose the right lift chair recliner for your needs.