Lift Chairs

Sit Back and Relax!

There is no better feeling than putting your feet up after a long day. A power lift chair is a wonderful addition to any home and will provide you with a perfect place to relax. Move from one position to another with just the simple push of a button on your handheld remote. Stand up from the chair without assistance using the powerful lift function of your recliner. A power recliner will let you rest comfortably and maintain your independence. Read on to learn about all of the lift chairs we offer!

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5 Reasons to Own a Lift Chair Recliner

Lift chair recliners make great additions to any home, but they’re particularly helpful for seniors or anyone who has mobility limitations. These chairs give you all of the benefits of a standard recliner, but also help you back to your feet again when you’re ready to get up.

Thinking of adding a lift chair recliner to your home? Here are five great reasons to buy a lift chair recliner.

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Are you considering purchasing a massage chair to have in your home? There are many great reasons to buy a massage chair, but if you’re fighting chronic back pain, a massage chair may be particularly beneficial. Massage chairs can make a big difference in your chronic back pain – here are some of the benefits that you can expect from your massage chair.

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How to Find the Best Massage Chair for Your Pain

Once you’ve had a therapeutic massage for the purpose of relieving pain, you won’t be able to deny what a powerful pain reliever massage can be. Whereas you can’t always access a massage therapist, by buying a massage chair, you’ll bring the power of massage into your home and you can enjoy it whenever you want. But which massage chair is best? Here’s how to find the best massage chair for your pain.

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Get the perfect lift chair for your size. How to know what size works for you.

Lift chairs make excellent additions to any home, but they can be particularly helpful for anyone who has trouble returning to a standing position after being seated for a while. A chair that lifts you back to your feet? What’s better than that?

When you order a lift chair, you will want to make sure that you’re ordering the right size. Like wheelchairs, lift chairs come in a variety of sizes. Here’s how to tell which size works for you.

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Buying a Massage Chair? Ask These 3 Questions First

Modern life can be a literal pain in the neck—not to mention the back, the shoulders, and every other body part. The stress of everyday life can take its toll on our muscle tissue at any age. Visiting a massage therapist is a great way to relieve the stress, but it’s not always practical or affordable to keep a regular appointment at the local spa. A massage chair, on the other hand, brings the spa into your home.

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