7 Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed at Home

Wondering if it’s time to “take the plunge” and invest in a home hospital bed for yourself or a loved one? 

Home hospital beds can make a dramatic difference in daily care routines and the quality of life for those in need of extra support (as well as their caregivers!).

Here, we’ll walk you through the top benefits that a hospital bed can provide in your home.

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed is a bed specifically designed to help high-risk individuals or those in need of extra healthcare support. 

These beds come packed with features like adjustable positioning, the ability to raise and lower the height of the bed, safety features, side rails, and other ways to benefit both the patient and caregiver.

When Should You Purchase a Hospital Bed For Your Home?

While hospital beds are standard in hospitals and other intensive care settings, they can also be an incredible piece of equipment for home care. 

You may want to purchase a hospital bed for your home: 

  • When a loved one’s medical condition significantly affects mobility
  • When a caregiver needs additional support or would like to relieve the strain of transfers, repositioning, etc.
  • When a loved one uses medical equipment that can’t be attached to a regular bed (trapeze bars, side rails, etc).
  • When a loved one requires frequent repositioning or is bed-bound for long periods of time throughout the day

7 Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed at Home


If you or a loved one spends a significant period of time in bed, a hospital bed can dramatically increase their daily level of comfort

Many hospital beds are length and width adjustable, which allows users to perfectly alter the length and width of their bed to fit their personal dimensions– no more struggling with a bed that’s too short or narrow! Adjustable hospital beds are also perfect for facilities or homes that serve multiple patients.

With the press of a button, you can transition to your preferred position for individualized comfort. 

Easy Caregiving

Home hospital beds are built for caregivers just as much as the users they support. Between offering a helping hand during transfers, adjusting positioning, and general daily healthcare, caregiving can be an intensive daily role. 

Hospital beds are specifically designed to help ease the burden and physical strain that comes with caregiving. These bed features may include:

  • One-Touch Electric Positioning: No struggling with pillows or manual adjustments
  • Hi-Low: Raise the height of the bed for easy caregiving, or lower it for safe transfers
  • Stability features like side rails to help take the place of caregiver support

Hospital beds turn strenuous daily tasks into a breeze for caregivers, reducing the impact on backs and joints. 

Improved Safety

Hospital beds add an extra layer of safety to your day-to-day routine. While each bed is different, some safety features that you may want to consider are: 

  • Bed Exit Alarms: Immediately notify caregivers of a patient falls or attempts to exit the bed
  • Side Rails: Adjustable side rails to help prevent falls and provide extra support when transitioning in and out of bed
  • Height Adjustability: Easily adjust the height of the bed to allow patients to safely enter and exit the bed
  • Lighting: Specialized lighting helps light the way during nighttime bathroom trips and other low-light conditions
  • Back-Up Batteries: Keep users safe and the bed operational in the case of a power outage

Reduced Risk of Health Complications

Hospital beds can significantly reduce the risk of health complications, such as: 

  • Poor Circulation, Bed Sores, and Pressure Ulcers: Auto-positioning and the ability to add-on pressure relief mattresses help reduce the risk of pressure and circulation-related conditions.
  • Skin Shearing: Features like Auto-Contour raise the knees and head of the bed simultaneously, eliminating painful skin shearing.
  • Falls: Height adjustability, adjustable side rails, and bed exit alarms protect against harmful falls. 

Improved Quality of Sleep

While it may sound simple, getting a good night's sleep plays a critical role in your loved one’s overall physical and mental health. Quality sleep promotes a strong immune system, cardiovascular health, regulated blood sugar, and a long list of other benefits. 

Hospital beds support restful sleep through positioning options, a wide range of mattress selections, adjustability, pressure relief, and so much more. 

Increased Independence

Does your loved one want to play a more active role in their daily care routine? Rather than waiting for a caregiver to adjust their position, most hospital beds come equipped with a handheld remote, allowing users to adjust position with the press of a button. Some unique beds, such as the ActiveCare SafeTurn Rotating Homecare Bed, even rotate and lift the patient into a perfect position for independent bed entry and exit. Extra accessories like trapeze bars or specialized rails provide extra support for loved ones to become more mobile on their own. 

Cost-Effective Healthcare

At first, purchasing a hospital bed for your home can feel like a significant investment! The truth is that for many, a hospital bed reduces costs in the long run. By accessing the benefits of a hospital bed at home, you may reduce the likelihood of health complications and readmissions. Notably, many insurance companies may cover the cost of an at-home hospital bed, dramatically lowering your out-of-pocket expense. 

Whether you’re looking for a solution increase daily comfort for a loved one, or offer a helping hand during care delivery, a hospital bed may be a perfect solution for your home. 

Over the past few decades, we’ve handpicked a catalogue of hospital beds and long term care beds perfect for home-use. We encourage you to browse our online store or contact a product expert to help you find the ideal home hospital bed for your needs.