Choose the Right Hospital Bed and Mattress Size for Home Care

Fewer things are more important to home care and recovery than the right hospital bed. Don’t spend all your time and energy comparing different hospital bed features without considering one of the most important features of all: bed and mattress size.

It's about more than comfort–  the right fit can make a significant difference in recovery and overall health

An incorrectly sized hospital bed frame or mattress can lead to discomfort, poor sleep quality, and even health complications.

Before you select your next hospital bed purchase, take the time to slow down and evaluate the different sizes of hospital beds to find the best fit for your needs.

Identifying Your Needs

Start by identifying the measurements of the patient or loved one who will be using the home hospital bed. Height and weight are the most important factors, but if the patient requires a particular width to feel comfortable in a hospital bed, note that as well.

Then, move on to evaluate the space you have available for the hospital bed in your home or facility. The bed size needs to not only fit your patient's needs, but be able to accommodate the space inside of the room. If the hospital bed will need to be transferred between rooms, make sure that the width of the bed can fit within the doorframe and easily navigate hallways.

About Hospital Bed Sizing

Standard hospital bed dimensions are approximately 80 inches long by 36 inches wide, with a weight capacity of 250-400 lbs. While these standard sizes do comfortably accommodate most patients, they are not always the best fit for everyone.

If your patient exceeds the standard size limits, know that there are plenty of options to find them the perfect fit for their needs.

Specialty Sizing Options

Integrated Adjustable Hospital Beds

For patients who just need a bit of added length or width to their bed, an integrated adjustable hospital bed frame can be an ideal option.

These adjustable bed frames can expand or contract as needed, accommodating patients of varying sizes.

For example, consider the PerfectCare Versatile 2-in-1 Homecare Bed from Medacure. This bed can expand from 36" wide to 48", and can add an additional 8" to the length of the bed in seconds.

This transition functionality makes these adjustable beds perfect for care facilities that help multiple patients. Caretakers can instantly expand the bed size to accommodate larger or taller patients.

If you are purchasing an adjustable bed with the intention of using it at a maximum height or width, take the time to ensure your mattress will fit this adjusted size. If needed, purchase an extra long or extra wide mattress for your new bed.

Bariatric Beds

For patients who require a bed with a higher weight capacity, bariatric hospital beds can support up to 600-1000lbs and come in widths of up to 48 inches.

Bariatric bed frames often come equipped with extra features to assist larger patients, such as wider grab bars and reinforced frames for added stability.

Full Size Adjustable Beds

Depending on the care needs that you or a loved one require, you may consider purchasing an adjustable bed instead of a traditional hospital bed. 

Hospital beds come equipped with many features to make care delivery easier, such as:

  • Options to add on an over-bed table
  • Removable headboard and footboard
  • A mattress with an easy-to-clean vinyl surface
  • Hi-low functionality to easily raise and lower the height of the bed

If these features and medical equipment options are not necessary for your needs, a home adjustable bed may be a better fit. These models look and feel like traditional beds, and fit common linen sizing (Queen, Adjustable beds are much larger and more comfortable than hospital standard beds, and still come equipped with positioning options to improve care and recovery.

Dawn House Adjustable Hi-Low Smart Bed

When selecting the right home hospital bed for yourself or a loved one, make sure you consider the right sizing for your specific needs. Bariatric beds, standard hospital beds, extendable hospital beds, and adjustable home beds all have their unique features to assist in care delivery.

Whether you're looking for sizing options to accommodate tall patients, require additional weight capacity, or any other unique specification, Med Mart has a full catalog of home care bed options available. Browse our online store, or get in touch with one of our product experts today.