4 Best Hi-Low Hospital Beds for Home Use

Looking for a home hospital bed?

 Hi-low beds offer a helping hand to promote easy caregiving, increased independence, and greater comfort in everyday life for you and your loved ones. 

What is a Hi-Low Bed?

A hi-low bed is a hospital bed designed to raise and lower vertically with the touch of a button. Bedframes can typically descend to as low as 7 inches off of the ground, then raise to up to 30 inches. Hi-low hospital beds have a number of benefits, including: 

  • Easier transfers: A lowered bedframe makes it easier for patients to get in and out of bed safely and with greater independence.
  • Strain-free caregiving: Caregivers can raise the bed in order to change dressings and administer care without strain.
  • Improved circulation: Adjustable head and foot sections can elevate different parts of the body, allowing for improved circulation and blood flow. 

Top 4 Hi-Low Hospital Beds for Home Use

Med Mart offers a collection of hi-low hospital beds for a range of budgets and custom needs. Wondering where to start? Check out some of the top hi-low hospital beds on the market. 

Lynacare HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed

Price: $3,114.50

The Lyncacare HC107 Hi-Low Hospital bed is designed for both home and long-term care settings, making everyday life easier than ever. Featuring hi-low functionality for safe transitions, users can adjust the bed height or change positions with the touch of a button from the hand control. Extra features include built-in under-bed lighting and a backlit hand pendant for safe visibility at all times. Need a bit of extra room? The expandable frame can adjust the width and length of the bed in seconds, making it perfect for care facilities with multiple patients. 

Top Features: 

  • Expandable length and width
  • Adjust position from both hand pendant and footboard-mounted pendant
  • Auto-contour to promote safe transitions, eliminating painful skin shearing

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PrimeCare UltraPlus Hi-Low Hospital Bed

Price: $2,398

The perfect balance of adjustability and comfort, the PrimeCare UltraPlus Hi-Low hospital bed has a 10-function hand pendant that allows you to select your perfect position with the touch of a button. Durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, this hi-low bed can safely accommodate up to a 600lbs weight capacity. Equipped with 3” heavy-duty casters and wall bumpers, it’s perfect for maneuvering around busy facilities with ease.

Top Features: 

  • Integrated expandable length and width
  • Adjustable wall bumper to protect against cosmetic damage during transition
  • Heavy-duty casters allow users to safely roll at any height

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Matrix 6200 Hi-Low Hospital Bed

Price: $2,298 

Don’t let looks deceive you: while the frame of the Matrix 6200 Hi-Low Hospital bed may look like any standard hospital bed, it comes packed with advanced technological features. Engineered to be energy efficient, the bed uses 66% less power than traditional electronics. It’s also equipped with Graham-Field’s signature digital electronic system, which is designed to stay compatible with future technology advancements. 

Need to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device? The integrated USB charging system keeps your items fully charged whenever you need them. 

Top Features: 

  • Customizability: Choose between various head and foot panels, bed widths, rails, and mattresses
  • Device charging with an integrated USB power supply
  • Advanced staff controls to customize features to each individual patient

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Passport Hi Low Adjustable Bed

Price: $3,399

If you’re looking for a functional hospital bed that blends in with your home interior design, look no further than the Passport Hi-Low Adjustable Bed from Golden. This bed comes packed with all of the standard features of an excellent hospital bed: hi-low, underbed lighting, auto-contour, and a hand control to change positioning with the touch of a button. The Passport adds an extra layer of luxury, featuring an integrated massage system and even traditional bed sizing (Twin Long, Queen, Split King). Experience all the clinical benefits of a traditional hospital bed, while perfectly matching your bedroom decor. 

Top Features:

  • Ultra-durable 800lbs weight capacity
  • Feature-rich, wireless 22-button remote with programmable positions
  • Dual-zone vibrating massage with timer
  • Traditional bed sizing options

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The right home hospital bed can lead to more positive health outcomes, a better night’s sleep, and dramatically improve your quality of life. Hi-low beds are designed for both patients and caregivers, making everyday tasks easier and safer. 

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