Get the perfect lift chair for your size. How to know what size works for you.

Lift chairs make excellent additions to any home, but they can be particularly helpful for anyone who has trouble returning to a standing position after being seated for a while. A chair that lifts you back to your feet? What’s better than that?

When you order a lift chair, you will want to make sure that you’re ordering the right size. Like wheelchairs, lift chairs come in a variety of sizes. Here’s how to tell which size works for you.


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There are three basic measurements that you will want when choosing the properly sized lift chair.

1. Chair Height From Ground

Different lift chairs sit at different heights. A chair which is too high will be difficult to get into and out of, and will leave your feet dangling. However, a chair which is too close to the ground will be uncomfortable, too.

While sitting with your knees at a right angle, measure from the base of your foot up the back of your leg to the inside of your knee. This is the height from the ground that your lift chair should sit.

2. Width of the Seat

If you buy a lift chair which is too narrow, it will cause pressure and discomfort. On the other hand, a lift chair which is too wide will offer you little support.

To determine the width of the seat that you need, sit down and measure across the widest part of your bottom or hips. Add two inches to this measurement – this is the width of the seat that you should look for in a lift chair.

3. Depth of the Seat

The depth of the lift chair is another very important measurement. If a seat is too deep, you won’t be able to comfortably sit back against the chair’s back. But if the seat is too shallow, your legs will hang off the front of the seat.

While seated, measure from the bottom of your back straight forward to the back of your knee. This measurement identifies how deep the seat should be.

Once you have these measurements, you’re well prepared to find the right size of lift chair. To ensure that you are buying the perfect lift chair for your size, check the specific size chart provided for the model chair that you are considering buying.

Consider Weight

weight scaleweight scale

Remember that in addition to coming in different sizes, lift chairs have different weight capacities. Always check to make sure that anyone who will be using the lift chair weighs less than the chair’s maximum weight capacity. If one lift chair’s weight capacity is too low, keep looking – lift chairs have different weight capacities, and you’re sure to find a chair which works for you.

Finding the perfect lift chair for your size depends on a few measurements. You’ll be glad that you took the time to measure yourself when you’re seated in a lift chair which fits and supports you just right.

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