How to Find the Best Massage Chair for Your Pain

Once you’ve had a therapeutic massage for the purpose of relieving pain, you won’t be able to deny what a powerful pain reliever massage can be. Whereas you can’t always access a massage therapist, by buying a massage chair, you’ll bring the power of massage into your home and you can enjoy it whenever you want. But which massage chair is best? Here’s how to find the best massage chair for your pain.

Evaluate Massage Strength and Types

Not all massage chairs are created the same. Different massage chairs offer different intensity levels. Some chairs have one or two levels, while other chairs offer you more extensive massage choices. You will also want to investigate what specific types of massage each chair offers. Chairs are able to provide specific massage types, such as kneading, rolling, and clapping – depending on the mode that you select. Generally, a chair with more massage types is more versatile and can be better tailored to the specific massage type that works best for your pain. You will find that you prefer specific types of massage over others, so being able to choose your massage type is a major advantage in a massage chair.

Identify Which Areas of the Chair Offer Massage

Be sure to also consider which areas of the chair feature massage. A more basic chair may feature massage in two or three areas, such as the lower back and the neck. A higher quality chair may offer massage all over – the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity with Foot Roller chair offers extensive massage paired with 48 airbags to support and relax your entire body.

Consider How Easily You Can Use the Chair

Look for a massage chair which has both standard and adjustable settings. Standard, pre-set massage modes mean that you can easily sit down in the chair and immediately start a massage treatment. This is useful if you’ll just be using the chair for a few minutes, or if you don’t want to be bothered with control settings. A chair which has adjustable settings means that you can tailor the massage speed and intensity to best suit the type of massage which you need at the time. These adjustable settings make the chair versatile and better able to relieve the pain that you are feeling.

Look for Additional Features

Take a step back and look at the features that the chair offers. Some chairs pair massage with heating options which can help to further loosen stiff muscles and relieve pain. It’s important to consider what position is most comfortable for you to sit in. If you have back pain, a reclined position may be the most comfortable, so look for a chair which offers that option.

Consider the Chair’s Price

When finding the right massage chair for you, price is a factor that you can’t ignore. Ultimately, you want to purchase a massage chair which works best to relieve your pain. If that chair happens to be above your budget, Med Mart offers payment plans and no-interest financing so that the right massage chair can be within your budget. A massage chair can be an excellent tool to relieve your pain while you’re at home, but it’s important that you choose the massage chair that is just right for you.