No Limits Travel: 4 Tools to Make Your Vacation Comfortable and Stress-Free

Summer is here, and for many Americans that means it’s vacation season. Whether it’s to the beach, an amusement park, a cruise, or some other favorite destination, summer vacation is always an exciting time. However, if you have mobility challenges, the thought of travel may not leave you thrilled.

Rather, you may be dreading the inconvenience that comes with navigating airports, cruise ships, hotels, and other locations that are technically accessible, but may not be comfortable or accommodating.

You may have to deal with awkward transitions in and out of vehicles or from your wheelchair and onto a plane. There’s also the discomfort that can come from sitting in a car or a plane for long periods. And you could feel slightly embarrassed if your limited mobility prevents you from participating in certain activities.

There’s no doubt that mobility issues can make travel more complicated. However, your mobility limitations don’t have to keep you from enjoying your vacation. There are a number of items, large and small, that can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Check out the mobility and support tools listed below. They may just help you have a fun and memorable vacation.

Compressed Support Cushions

Depending on your challenges, you may already have problems with muscle tightness, strain, and cramping. Sit in a car or on an airplane for several hours and normal aches could turn into full-on pain.

Car and airplane seats aren’t built for comfort, so you might find it helpful to bring aids and cushions that can relieve some of the pain. For example, a compressed lumbar cushion can help provide support to your lower back. A compressed posture support cushion is versatile tool that can be used behind the head, neck, back or even the legs to enhance your comfort.

And what about when you arrive at your destination and find that the bed isn’t suitable for your needs? That can be a serious challenge, especially if you suffer from neck and back pain. A compressed bed wedge cushion is a great tool to help you stay elevated in bed and sleep comfortably in a position that relieves stress on your back and neck.


What if your vacation will involve a heavy amount of walking? Maybe your trip will have tours and excursions. Perhaps you’ll be on a cruise ship or in a beachside town where walking is the primary form of transportation.

You may not be to the point that you need a wheelchair, but you also know that your legs and back can’t take a full day of walking. Fortunately, you have another option.

rollator is a helpful tool that provides support while walking and also gives you a place to take a seat when you need a rest. Most rollators have three or four wheels. They also have waist-level handlebars that you can hold onto for extra support as you walk.

Most rollators also have a seat in the middle. Need a break? No problem. Just relax on the rollator’s seat until you’re ready to get moving again. Look for a collapsible rollator where the seat folds up. That will allow you to easily pack the device in a car trunk or check it on a flight.

One great option is the Duet Duel Function Rollator. It operates just like a standard rollator, but with one additional feature. You can quickly shift the handles to turn the rollator into an assistance chair, complete with backrest and armrests. You can then take a break while your caregiver or loved one pushes the chair for you.

Vehicle Wheelchair Lift

You’ve got your car all packed for the family road trip. All the suitcases, beach gear, and food are packed snug into the family vehicle. There’s only item that doesn’t fit – your wheelchair.

One of the complexities of using a wheelchair is that it can be inconvenient to haul around, especially if the car is already loaded with other items. However, there’s nothing saying you have to load the wheelchair inside the car.

Instead, consider using an external wheelchair lift. For example, a Tilt n’ Tote is a convenient device that attaches to the back of your car. You simply roll your manual wheelchair onto the lift and then lock it with one simple squeeze of a handle.

You could also go with a cargo carrier, which can attach to your vehicle’s hitch. Some carriers can hold up to 400 pounds, meaning you can use it for your wheelchair and other large items.

Don’t stress over renting a wheelchair at your destination. Bring your own wheelchair. You’re comfortable with it and you know it works well for you. Use an external vehicle lift to bring your chair on your road trip.

Mobility Scooter

For maximum mobility and independence on your summer vacation, consider investing in a mobility scooter. A scooter is an excellent option for people who have mobility challenges, but aren’t so limited that they need a wheelchair.

Need assistance navigating through an airport? Want to go to a theme park, museum, or other tourist destination with your family, but unsure if you can handle the walking? Simply want to be able to get out and enjoy the weather at your summer destination?

A mobility scooter can help with all of those challenges and more. With a scooter, you control where you go and how you get there, giving you maximum independence.

GoGo Ultra X 3 wheel Red 7 13GoGo Ultra X 3 wheel Red 7 13

A great travel option is the GoGo Ultra X, which is available in either a three-wheel or four-wheel model. The Ultra X is affordable, but it’s also convenient. It disassembles into five parts, making it easy to pack into a van, air cargo, or even in a hotel room or vacation condominium.

The Ultra X travels at up to 4.00 miles per hour, so you can easily keep up with your walking friends and family. Travelling at top speed, it can last for nearly two hours on a single charge, which means you probably won’t feel limited by the scooter’s battery life. (see our latest video about the Pride Go-Go Ultra X scooter)

You can even recharge the battery away from the scooter. At night, simply disassemble the scooter and plug in the battery. You’re set to go the next morning.

Don’t be left out on your vacation because of your mobility challenges. A mobility scooter is an affordable and convenient way for you to stay active and independent.

Looking for other items to make your next trip comfortable and stress-free? Check out the vast inventory of mobility aids and other items on Med Mart’s online store. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us today. We’re happy to help you find the right aids for your big vacation.