Patient Lift Versus Stand Assist Lift
When you are planning to buy a lift, you’ll find that there are many lift varieties for sale today. Patient lifts and stand assist lifts are two common options, but they’re used for very different purposes. Let’s take a look at the features each lift offers and what situations it is most appropriate for.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are designed to support a patient’s full weight during patient transfers. They are ideal for patients who are non-weight-bearing, and make patient transfers safer for both the patient and for the caregiver. Patient lifts come in manual and electric options, with manual lifts typically being a bit lighter than their electric counterparts. A patient lift is operated by means of a sling, which holds the patient securely during the transfer. These lifts are capable of transferring a patient from a bed, chair, and other locations; some can even lift patients from the floor. Patient lifts often feature an angled lift bar which can reach over the center of a bed to make for a safer and more comfortable lift of a bedridden patient.

Stand Assist Lifts

Stand assist lifts, also called sit to stand lifts, are designed to be used with patients who are partially weight bearing. Rather than being fully supported by a sling, these lifts allow patients to pull themselves up into a standing position, which is an excellent way to help a patient build muscle in a rehabilitation setting. Stand assist lifts typically feature a footplate and a padded knee cushion to support the patient during the transfer. The patient can hold onto the lift’s arms, and a sling can also be used with most stand assist lift models. Stand assist lifts are designed to be use with the supervision of a caregiver, who steers the lift and assists the patient in standing up and sitting down.

Choosing the Right Lift

Just which lift is right for you entirely depends on the caregiving situation. Stand assist lifts lack the versatility of patient lifts; they are designed to transfer patients who are already in sitting positions, and cannot lift patients from the floor. Stand assist lifts are more of a rehabilitative tool, while patient lifts are an essential tool in the daily care of a patient who cannot bear weight. Here are 4 types of speciality patient lifts for homes, hospitals and care facilities which can help you make the decision. It's possible that your patient may begin with a patient lift, and as they progress and gain strength, then a stand assist lift may be appropriate later on. If you’re unsure of which lift type is appropriate for your patient and their goals, consult with their doctor for a recommendation. If you have questions about any of the patient lifts, stand assist lifts, or other products that we offer, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find just the right product. And to make it easier for you to come up with question read.