How to get insurance coverage when you rent a hospital bed
Would a hospital bed make caring for you or a loved one easier in your home? There are some injuries and conditions when a hospital bed can make a significant difference in comfort and quality of care. Did you know that many insurance companies will cover the cost of renting a hospital bed when a medical condition warrants it? Here’s what you need to know about hospital bed rentals and health insurance.

Health Insurances and Rental Equipment

Most health insurance companies cover the rental of equipment determined to be “home medical equipment” or “durable medical equipment.” This is standard medical equipment that is necessary to treat or alleviate a health condition. Hospital beds are often offered for rent because people may only need them temporarily. Hospital beds allow for the patient’s position to be adjusted, and other tools, like traction devices, can be attached to these beds. If you or a loved one need to rent a hospital bed for home use, then check your insurance policy to see whether home medical equipment or durable medical equipment is covered. It’s also a good idea to call your insurance company directly to speak about the options available to you and how to apply for coverage of a rental.

The Process of Claiming a Rental Through Insurance

Most insurance companies have strict regulations for the process of claiming a rental through insurance. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with your insurance company’s specific requirements before beginning the process. In order for insurance to cover part or all of your hospital bed rental, your doctor needs to prescribe the hospital bed for use in your home. You will need to present your insurance company with a copy of the doctor’s order, and many insurance companies request that the order includes the identification of your qualifying diagnosis. This diagnosis refers to the injury or condition which makes renting a hospital bed necessary, and your insurance company may also request to see your medical chart for more information. It’s important to note that just because your doctor feels that a hospital bed rental is necessary, doesn’t mean that the insurance company will agree with this assessment. Some insurance companies have very strict guidelines for covering the rental of hospital beds, even outlining the specific reasons that a hospital bed may be warranted. Most insurance companies will want to see that your condition requires a position which a standard bed cannot provide, or that your condition requires special attachments which you cannot attach to a standard bed. Many insurance companies do not cover the rental of fully electric hospital beds. If you need a fully electric bed, some insurance companies will allow you to rent one if you personally cover the cost difference between a partially electric and a fully electric hospital bed rental cost. If you’re planning to rent a hospital bed, give Med Mart a call – we are happy to find you the perfect rental bed.