So many vehicle lifts - how do you choose right one?

When you start the process of buying a vehicle lift, you’ll probably immediately notice that there seem to be endless choices. How do you choose the vehicle lift that is right for you and your mobility vehicle? We have some advice to help you start the process.

Evaluate Your Mobility Vehicle

Before you start looking at potential vehicle lifts, you will need to have an idea of the strength and size that you will need in a vehicle lift. The type of mobility vehicle that you will be transporting will determine this. A smaller scooter will weigh less and require less room than a full-size power wheelchair will, so you can use a smaller, lighter weight lift if you have a smaller scooter.

Consider the Vehicle You Will Be Using

Measure your mobility vehicle’s length, width, and height, and look up its weight. You can now eliminate any vehicle lifts which are too weak, too small, or greatly oversized for your needs. Some lifts only accommodate particular mobility vehicle types – whether you’re using a power chair, a scooter, or a wheelchair, make sure that the lift you are looking at is compatible. There are two main categories of vehicle lifts – exterior lifts and interior lifts. The type of vehicle that you will be attaching the lift to may eliminate some of these possibilities for you. For instance, if you have a smaller vehicle with limited or no space to store your mobility vehicle inside, then an exterior lift is probably your best option. However, if you have a minivan or SUV, then an interior lift may be more practical, especially if you want to keep you mobility vehicle out of the elements.

Decide Between a Boom Lift and a Platform Lift

Your next choice will be to decide which style of lift is best for you. You will need to choose between a boom style lift and a platform lift. An interior boom lift must be secured to the inside of your vehicle door. It can then lift your scooter inside your vehicle, but requires you to secure the scooter and operate the boom. Some booms are powered, while others rely on manual operation. Platform lifts require that the scooter to be wheeled onto the lift’s platform and secured. The lift then raises the scooter into your vehicle, or holds it outside the back of your vehicle.

Determine Which Lifts Are Compatible with Your Vehicle

Before you purchase a vehicle lift, it’s important to make sure that the vehicle lift is compatible with your vehicle. An exterior platform lift must be compatible with the hitch type on your vehicle. The Class III hitch is the most common, though some lifts, like the Universal Scooter Lift, are also compatible with the Class II hitch. If you’re considering an interior lift, then you will want to make sure that your vehicle’s door or hatch opens wide enough to accommodate the lift. You don’t want to order a vehicle lift, only to discover that it doesn’t suit your vehicle. If you’re still not sure about which vehicle lift is right for you, please give us a call 1-888-260-4430. We’re happy to help you look over your choices and find a lift that you will be pleased with.