What We Learned at Medtrade 2015

If you haven’t heard of Medtrade, then you’re missing out on the largest home medical equipment expo and conference in the United States. Thousands of companies attend Medtrade, and the conference features a huge expo floor where some of the best medical equipment is displayed. It’s a chance to learn about advancements in the medical equipment field, and to ask questions about new products firsthand.

We make a point of attending Medtrade because we are committed to providing you with the very best in home medical equipment. There’s no better place to find out about quality equipment that can make your life better and easier. This is the type of equipment that we want to offer in our store.

We’re pleased to offer five of the ten products which were named as this year’s top ten finalists for the Home Medical Equipment Retail Product Awards.

  • The iWALK 2.0 Hands Free Crutch revolutionizes the traditional crutch, securing onto the patient’s leg for convenient hands-free operation.
  • The LC-358 Lift Chair with FirstUp Technology lifts a patient forward from the seated position to the standing position 50% faster than traditional lift chairs do. This is a valuable characteristic and is convenient when time counts, such as when getting to the bathroom.
  • The Breezy Elegance Wheelchair is ultra lightweight and comes with a contoured cushion to help avoid pressure points.
  • The PainAway Wireless TENS unit delivers twice the power as a traditional TENS unit and can be used in the home to target areas of chronic and acute pain.
  • The Golden Cloud Sleep Chair is one of the most comfortable recliners that you’ll find. This is also one of our best selling products.
5 from top 10 medtrade products5 from top 10 medtrade products

In addition to finding new products that we should offer to you, Medtrade includes countless workshops and sessions. From better serving our customers to networking with other companies to offer you new home medical equipment, we always learn tons when we attend Medtrade conferences. There are also sessions on important medical bills and advancements – basically, these sessions help us stay informed about the issues that are relevant to you and to our business.

When we attend Medtrade, we learn about the ever-evolving medical technology. We find out about newly released home medical equipment and technology, like apps, that can make your life easier. And we get a chance to network with professionals in the medical field who can better inform our business. Medtrade is a valuable tool in improving our store and better serving you, and that’s why we make it a point to attend.

To know more about products MedMart offers. visit our Home Access page or contact us and we will answer all your questions.