Stay Active with Adaptive Sports

March Madness may be ending but Spring has just begun - time to get outside! Maintaining an active lifestyle can improve coordination, release endorphins, build your muscles and strengthen your heart! There are plenty of options to get involved in adaptive sports, offering varying levels of physical activity. Numerous programs nationwide are seeking to provide positive and active experiences for people of all ages. Basketball, cycling, and tennis have always been popular, but opportunities abound. Many organizations now offer outdoor adventure programs that include rock climbing, rafting, and archery. Read on to hear more about some of the people who are making adaptive sports accessible all over the country.

Adaptive Sports Organizations

Disabled Sports USA was founded in 1967 and grew into a nationwide network of local chapters. Click here to see their list of adaptive sports and find out more about local programs, rules, equipment and general information. See all of Disabled Sports USA locations on this easy-to-use interactive map. The National Ability Center inspired the opening of many international adaptive sports organizations in its now 34 years of operation. The training and recreation center is based in Park City, Utah and trained many athletes who have competed and placed in the Paralympics. Achilles International is a running club founded by the first amputee to run a marathon. “While our programs focus on running, the truth is, running is simply the tool for accomplishing our main objective: to bring hope, inspiration, and the joys of achievement to all.” Find a local chapter close to you here. One of the first adaptive sports organizations is still around in a big way today. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association has divisions for adults and kids, and has chapters all over the country. Players compete nationally and internationally.

More Great Ways to Stay Active

Splore Outdoor Adventures, partnered with the National Ability Center, offers a unique and incredible program for individuals and families. Based in southern Utah, these trips would be perfect for a scenic vacation with friends or family. Open Adventures are group-led outdoor expeditions to national parks. Choose from a day trip or a variety of overnight camping options. Family members and friends are encouraged to join classes or trips. “At the National Ability Center we often find that a participant’s experience is enhanced by the inclusion of friends and family; reinforcing relationships and building a support system that can continue beyond the initial program experience.” Outdoor Adaptive mountain biking, rock climbing, Nordic skiing, camping, hiking, and river rafting are also offered in regular classes and group trips. The benefits of physical activity are countless. Weight loss, healthier skin, improvement in mood and memory, and increase in energy are just a few advantages to staying active. We understand that not everyone is up for a multiple-night camping trip, but don’t forget how many available options there are for exercise! Find a local chapter of an organization or even start your own! Many community centers and YMCA’s may also offer opportunities for you.

We are Here to Help

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