Thank You to Caregivers Everywhere!

Did you know that November is Caregiver Appreciation Month? Over 50 million Americans are caregivers, and we want to say thank you! So many people are safer, healthier, and more comfortable because of the hard work of caregivers. The services they provide amounts to a value of around $375 billion a year, even though the majority of caregivers help care for their loved ones for free. Close to 90% of caregivers care for a relative, and according to AARP the Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer generations make up roughly equal parts of the caregiver population. It’s a physically and emotionally challenging job, so it’s important to take the time to support the caregivers in your life. 

Giving Back to Caregivers

Encourage the caregivers in your life to visit support groups like this one from the Alzheimer's Association for people suffering from Alzheimer's and their caregivers. Support groups are a great place to talk to other caregivers and find inspiration. While some support groups meet in person, there are endless support groups online as well. 

Celebrate Caregiver Appreciation Month by giving your caregiver a thoughtful gift. Personalized thank you cards, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or a spa gift basket are all great ways to show your appreciation for your caregiver. Make sure they know how grateful you are for their time and effort. 

Consider using medical equipment that helps caregivers all year long. Check out the patient lifts and hospital beds below to see how the right equipment can greatly help caregivers throughout their day:

The Human Floor Lift by Indee Lift is a patient lift designed specifically for getting up from the floor. This lift quickly helps you to your feet without the need for the assistance of a caregiver. Maintain your independence and eliminate the need for your caregiver to lift you from the floor with the handy Human Floor Lift. See how this innovative lift works in the video below.


The Sara Stedy patient lift can help caregivers complete safe and comfortable transfers in any homecare setting. The width-adjustable feet of this useful patient lift make it easy to maneuver through tight doorways or around a wheelchair. This sit to stand aid greatly reduces the physical demands of manual transfers. See how the Sara Stedy is helpful to caregivers and comfortable for patients in the video below. 


The CS7 hospital bed by Invacare greatly reduces the risk of falls and allows caregivers to easily maneuver a patient. A low height setting of just 7" and easy-to-use hand control are just two of the many useful features of this innovative hospital bed that make patient care easier on caregivers. Hear 7 reasons why we love the CS7 hospital bed in the video below.


The Med Plus Hi-low hospital bed is another hospital bed that was designed with both the patient and the caregiver in mind. This design features a Super Low setting that reduces the risk of falls, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning and lockable castor wheels for maneuvering the bed. Click here to learn more about this longterm care bed

Let's all take this month to show our appreciation to caregivers in our lives. Thank you to all caregivers reading this post! Your selfless work keeps us healthy and safe. 

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