What Size Mobility Scooter Is Right for You? It Does Matter.

  When shopping for a mobility scooter, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Not only will you need to choose between a full size or a travel or portable scooter, but you’ll also need to think about the features that are most important to your needs. This guide will help you to get started in narrowing down your options.

  Full Size Scooters Full size scooters are suitable for both outdoor use and for use in larger indoor spaces. These scooters are available in both three-wheel and four-wheel designs, with the four-wheel scooter offering increased stability over the three-wheel. Some of that increased stability does come at the sacrifice of maneuverability, though, and four-wheel scooters often have a larger turning radius than a comparable three-wheel model.

Full size scooters are versatile and rugged. Many have a high top speed, allowing you to cover ground quickly, and you’ll also find models that can travel significant distances on a single battery charge. One major advantage of full size scooters is that they often have high weight capacities. Because they are built to be strong and powerful, though, full size scooters tend to weigh significant amounts and transporting them requires a vehicle lift.   Travel Scooters In contrast to full size scooters, travel scooters are more compact, lightweight, and designed specifically to be easy to transport. Most travel scooters disassemble into multiple pieces that can be placed into a car trunk, then reassembled without the use of any special tools. Travel scooters are available in three-wheel and four-wheel models, with the four-wheel scooters being more stable but also having a larger turning radius. These scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors, but they’re not built to deal with the same rugged terrain that a full size scooter is designed for. Many travel scooters have generous weight capacities ranging up to about 300 pounds. They tend to have slower top speeds than a full size scooter, but usually have decent travel ranges. Travel scooters are practical, affordable options for many people.   Additional Factors to Consider In addition to deciding between a full size scooter or a travel scooter, there are some important factors that you should weigh when selecting the scooter that’s right for you.   Fit and Weight Capacity Regardless of which type of scooter you choose, it’s important that you purchase a scooter that fits you well. High-backed captain’s chairs can make your time in your scooter more comfortable, but the seat has to be a good fit for you, too. Look for other features like an adjustable seat height, adjustable arm rests, and a delta tiller to help keep you comfortable. Be sure that you purchase a scooter with a suitable weight capacity, too. Exceeding a weight capacity can cause the scooter to break or malfunction.   Turning Radius Your scooter’s turning radius should be small enough so that you can maneuver it through the tightest turns that you’ll encounter during your day. If you need to rely on your scooter to get through narrow passages and tight corners, then be sure to choose a scooter with a turning radius that is capable of the job. For larger spaces, like offices, stores, and homes with open floor plans, a scooter with a larger radius may be just fine.   Leg Room The length of the scooter’s deck will also affect how well the scooter fits you. You don’t want to feel cramped when you’re riding your scooter, so finding an option that gives you plenty of leg room is important. Some scooters are designed with longer decks in order to make taller people or people with longer legs as comfortable as possible. Adjustable-height seats can also help you modify the scooter’s fit, to a degree. If you have questions about which scooter is right for you, we would be happy to help you. Please contact Med Mart with any questions and we’ll help to match you to the scooter that’s right for your needs.