Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooter Round-Up!

Scooters are a great way to stay mobile and get outside! We have options for everyone, no matter your needs or travel plans. Ride in comfort in a full size scooter, drive over rugged terrain in a heavy duty model, or travel internationally with an FAA approved portable scooter.

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Can You Fit Your Gluteus Maximus (Butt) in That Scooter?

When you’re shopping for a scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair, you’ll probably be focused on features and price. But just because a scooter offers the features that you want and is priced within your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you. There’s one important other element you need to consider: The overall fit of the scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair.

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Signs You Might Need a Mobility Scooter

Have you been considering investing in a mobility scooter? Scooters are excellent mobility tools. They’re more versatile in terms of transportation than power chairs, yet still give you plenty of support and power to run errands, go on vacation, or just get around throughout the house.

Think you might need a mobility scooter? Here are four signs to watch for.

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What is a zero turn mobility scooter? Only the hottest technology out!

Scooters are great options for anyone with limited mobility. Scooters can be used for running errands, going on vacation, visiting friends, and even getting around at work and at home.
While scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors, they have one major drawback: The turning radius. Scooters aren’t the most nimble vehicles, so navigating tight turns and narrow hallways in buildings can be a challenge. This is particularly true of four-wheel scooters. While many people prefer four-wheel scooters for their added stability, they are generally less maneuverable than three-wheel scooters are.

Until now. Let us introduce you to the Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter.

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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Mobility Scooter

Are you ready to buy your first mobility scooter, or are you thinking about upgrading your scooter? A scooter can be a great way to safely increase your ability to travel independently, but it’s important that the scooter that you buy is a good fit for your needs. Be sure to consider these six factors when shopping for your new scooter.

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Mobility Scooters: Is 3-Wheel or 4-Wheel Right for You?

If you have recently begun suffering from mobility challenges, you may already have a scooter on your radar. Scooters are often invaluable tools for those with mobility limitations. They can help you access places that may be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. They’re also helpful when you’re able to walk, but could use assistance with moving faster or covering long distances.

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What Is the Best Scooter for Hiking?

There’s something wonderfully refreshing about hiking – navigating the trails, surrounding yourself with nature, and simply stepping away from the world for a while is good for the soul. Did you know that if you or a loved one depend on a scooter, that doesn’t mean that your days of hiking have to end? 

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