Ramps with Handrails

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Ramps with Handrails

What is a Ramp with Handrails?

As the name suggests, these are wheelchair ramps that come with included handrails to provide extra stability. Handrails offer valuable weight-bearing support for users of all abilities, adding another layer of security to your home or business’s ramp. 

Benefits of Using a Ramp with Handrails

Ramp handrails reduce injury and promote balance in users of all abilities. Elderly individuals can lean on a handrail for support while ascending or descending, and mobility aid users can feel comfortable knowing that they have something stable to hold on to if needed. 

Handrails can also prevent items and equipment from falling off of the ramp. If an over-excited child runs too far or a power scooter accelerates a bit too quickly, a handrail will keep them from injury. 

ADA Compliance 
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), wheelchair ramps with a rise greater than 6 inches are required to have handrails attached. 

Installing handrails can allow for additional features to be added to your ramp. For example, vertical pickets can be attached to a handrail, keeping small children and pets safe inside the bounds of your ramp at all times. 

Types of Ramps with Handrails

With the exception of portable ramps and threshold ramps, most types of ramps include the option to add handrails. 

For example: 

  • Aluminum modular ramps
  • Steel ramp
  • Permanent ramps (wood, concrete)

How Much Does a Ramp With Handrails Cost?

With the exception of portable and threshold ramps, most ramps come with handrails included. This means that they are already factored into the purchase price, and you won’t pay extra.

However, you may pay more if you request an upgraded handrail type (for example, vertical picket handrails).