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What are Vehicle Wheelchair Ramps?

Vehicle wheelchair ramps help individuals who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices enter and exit vehicles. With a vehicle wheelchair ramp, there’s no need to disassemble your mobility device for travel– simply drive or roll it directly into the vehicle. 

Vehicle wheelchair ramps are most commonly used with vans or minivans. They can be used with the back hatch or side entrance of a van, giving you a choice in loading locations. 

Benefits of Vehicle Wheelchair Ramps

  • Safe and easy access to vehicles: Help users safely enter and exit vehicles, as well as help caretakers quickly load mobility devices into vehicles. 
  • Independence: Create a more adventurous, independent lifestyle knowing that you can travel with your mobility device. 
  • Portable and versatile: Use in multiple types of vehicles, or place into storage when not in use.

Vehicle Wheelchair Ramps vs Lifts

Vehicle ramps and vehicle lifts are two different solutions for providing access to vehicles for those with mobility challenges. Vehicle ramps are more affordable than lifts, are portable, and can be folded to take up minimal space in storage. 


What type of vehicle do I need for a wheelchair ramp? 

Vehicle wheelchair ramps are best for larger vehicles with a low ground clearance, such as a van or minivan. Some other vehicles like SUVs can also be fitted for wheelchair ramps, though they may require a higher ramp angle.

What is the weight capacity of a vehicle wheelchair ramp? 

While individual models vary, most vehicle wheelchair ramps can support between 700-1,000 lbs. 

Can I install a wheelchair ramp myself? 

Yes! Installation processes will vary depending on the model you purchase, but most wheelchair ramps can be installed quickly and easily.