3-Wheel Scooters

  1. Pride Victory 9 4-Wheel
    Victory 9® 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter
    • Exclusive, one-hand Feather-touch disassembly for quick transportation
    • Lightweight, low-profile, non-scuffing wheels
    • 4 wheels for a comfortable, stable ride
  2. Pride Revo 2.0 3 wheel front left medmart.com
    Revo 2.0 Full Size 3-Wheel Travel Scooter
    • Easily accessible tie down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)
    • Ultra heavy-duty drivetrain with
    • 70 amp controller
    As low as $1,874.00
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  3. Pride Victory 10 3-Wheel
    Victory 10 3-Wheel Full-Size Scooter
    • Long-lasting, maximum intensity LED headlight offers optimal pathway illumination
    • Exclusive one-hand feather touch disassembly provides the ultimate quick transport system
    • Delta tiller with wraparound handles
    As low as $2,044.00
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  4. Companion Midsize 3-Wheel Scooter
    Companion Midsize 3-Wheel Scooter
    • Seat slide adjustment lever - allows for the best positioning
    • Infinite adjustable tiller
    • LED, fully adjustable headlight for night-time use
    As low as $2,136.00
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  5. Victory® 10.2 3-Wheel Full-Size Scooter
    Victory® 10.2 3-Wheel Full-Size Scooter
    • New frosted LED headlights and low-mounted LED pathway light brightens your route
    • New frosted LED headlights and low-mounted LED pathway light brightens your route
    • Pinchless hinge seat with swivel and sliders for increased comfort. Available in sizes 18” x 17” and 20” x 18”
    As low as $2,184.00
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  6. Titan Hummer 3-Wheel Scooter
    Titan Hummer 3-Wheel Scooter
    • Ergonomic, portable & foldable, indoor & outdoor electric scooter
    • Unique combination of performance, comfort and portability
    • Foldable and detachable in seconds without effort or bending
    As low as $2,599.00
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  7. EW-36 Recreational Scooter
    EW-36 Recreational Scooter
    • The EW-36 Has Rear Anti Tip Wheels As Well As A Large Heavy Duty Rear Basket
    • Completely Elegant and Stylish Is what Scooter Reviews say about the EW-36. With a Full Lighting Kit and Rear View Mirrors
    • Speed Indicator, Rear Mirrors, Keyed Ignition, Twist Throttle, Head Lights, Horn & Locking Compartment
    As low as $2,949.00
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  8. Maxima 3-Wheel Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter
    Maxima 3-Wheel Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter
    • Ultra heavy-duty drivetrain and upgraded electronics package
    • Standard conveniences and safety features like a front basket and full lighting package
    • Smooth and quiet ride for indoors; power, range and stability for outdoors
    As low as $3,004.00
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  9. Afikim Afiscooter C 3-Wheel
    Afiscooter C3 All-Terrain Scooter
    • Rear LED lighting package for enhanced safety
    • Standard delta tiller for those with limited hand dexterity
    • Dual rearview mirrors are standard
    As low as $3,999.00
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  10. Afiscooter S3 3-Wheel
    Afiscooter S3 3-Wheel
    • Fully adjustable 20" wide seat, backrest, headrest and armrests
    • Alloy wheels and pneumatic tires are standard and give it smooth ride
    • Built in cup holder and a lockable front storage box.
    As low as $5,689.00
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Filter Your Results: 26 results


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Do you have trouble getting around your home? Maybe you want a scooter to help when you go out to run errands. If you will be navigating narrow aisles or hallways, then your scooter needs to be able to turn and travel in small spaces. You will also need a scooter that's easy to control.

If you're looking for increased mobility both indoors and out, then a 3-wheel scooter may be the perfect solution. Three-wheel scooters are versatile, easily maneuverable, and lightweight. They're also easy to transport, making them an ideal solution for many people.

Scooters come in 3- and 4-wheel designs. Three-wheel scooters offer a number of advantages over four-wheel scooters. A 3-wheel scooter generally has a tighter turning radius and increased maneuverability over a 4-wheel scooter, making it ideal for use indoors. Three-wheel scooters also tend to weigh less than their four-wheel counterparts. Finally, three-wheel scooters can be easier to transport, because of their lighter weights and narrower front ends.

It's important to realize that three-wheel scooters tend to have a bit less stability than four-wheel scooters. This is simply due to the presence of three wheels instead of four. These scooters are still very safe. If you're worried about stability but prefer a three-wheel scooter, then look for one which offers larger wheels with generous tread for additional stability and traction.

Three-wheel scooters come in a variety of designs. You'll find everything from a very basic mobility scooter up to scooters that are essentially personal mobility vehicles. Three-wheel scooters offer different speeds, drive ranges, and accessories. Chances are you'll find a three-wheel scooter which is just perfect for you.

If you're not sure about which scooter is right for you, please give us a call – we would be happy to help you find the perfect scooter.