New Products
  1. Wheelchair O2 Holder / IV Pole Combo Units
    Wheelchair O2 Holder / IV Pole Combo Units
    Medline MDS85190 Wheelchair Combo Oxygen Tank Holder and IV Pole. These accessories will fit Medline Transport Chairs. Learn More
  2. Basic Steel Rollator
    Basic Steel Rollator
    As low as $64.95
    The Medline Rollator features a padded seat that allows the user to sit and rest, and smooth rolling 6 inch wheels that are great for indoor or outdoor use Learn More
  3. Tektro Disk Brake Pads
    Tektro Disk Brake Pads
    The Tektro Disc Brake Pads are fitting to all models of Bam Power Bikes. Make sure you are checking your brakes to ensure you are riding safely! Learn More
  4. Brown Velo Plush Seat
    Brown Velo Plush Seat
    This comfortable VELO Plush Seat in a Brown Leather fits all of our Bam Power Bike models that we sell. Learn More
  5. Black Velo Plush Seat
    Black Velo Plush Seat
    This comfortable VELO Plush Seat in a Black Leather fits all of our Bam Power Bike models that we sell. Learn More
  6. Bam Controller (Nomad, Step Thru, Urban)
    Bam Controller (Nomad, Step Thru, Urban)
    This Bam E-bike Controller is only compatible with our Bam Urban, Step Thru and Nomad Models. Learn More
  7. Ewheels Front/Rear Basket
    Ewheels Front/Rear Basket
    Use the Front/Rear Basket to maximize the cargo capacity of your Bike. All of our accessories are hand crafted to provide the most durable expansions. Learn More
  8. Gemini
    As low as $2,688.00
    The Gemini heavy duty power wheelchair by Merits Health seamlessly combines comfort with functionality and is designed to be highly adaptable to use anywhere. Learn More
  9. EZ-GO / EZ-GO Deluxe
    EZ-GO / EZ-GO Deluxe
    As low as $1,499.00
    The EZ-GO Travel Power Chair by Merits Health is an ideal portable power chair for getting out and about. There are two versions: the EZ-GO and EZ-GO Deluxe. Learn More
  10. EW-M51 Power Chair
    EW-M51 Power Chair
    As low as $2,395.00
    The eWheels EW-M51 is a power wheelchair for those who like a larger size as a standard feature. The standard seat is 22” wide and offers a depth of 21”. Learn More
  11. EW-M49 Smart Folding Wheelchair
    EW-M49 Smart Folding Wheelchair
    The EW-M49 is a power wheelchair that is easily foldable for transportability and storage. Unlike other folding power wheelchairs, the EW-M49 is adjustable. Learn More
  12. M43 Lightweight Power Wheelchair
    M43 Lightweight Power Wheelchair
    The M43 was designed for making transporting a power wheelchair easy and affordable, it weighs 60 lbs, making it a durable, lightweight option for travel. Learn More
  13. M48 Power Wheelchair
    M48 Power Wheelchair
    As low as $1,879.00
    The M48 Power Wheelchair is a front wheel drive power wheelchair for both indoor and outdoor use. The 24” turning radius makes it very convenient to navigate. Learn More
  14. M47 Folding Power Wheelchair
    M47 Folding Power Wheelchair
    As low as $1,799.00
    The M47 was designed to optimize storage and make transport easier than ever. The chair can be folded down to a very space conscious 31"H x 32"D x 18"W. Learn More
  15. TeQno
    As low as $2,450.00
    The TeQno has revolutionary laser light technology. With a state-of-the-art display and key fob. The TeQno is available in Gold Metallic and Red Metallic. Learn More
  16. VitaXpress
    As low as $3,099.00
    The VitaXpress is an ideal outdoor mobility scooter with a large 750 Watt 4-pole motor, comfortable 20-inch seat and large 13″ tires. Learn More
  17. Vintage Scooter
    Vintage Scooter
    The eWheels EW-Vintage visually provides a look to the past. The look and modern accessories produce plenty of reasons to like the Vintage. Learn More
  18. BAM-StepThru Electric Bike
    BAM-StepThru Electric Bike
    As low as $1,799.00
    The BestStand SA400H/HE Mini are our latest innovative design for quick and easy sit-to-stand transfer. They are small and compact. Learn More
  19. EW-29 Electric Trike
    EW-29 Electric Trike
    The EW-29 is a one of kind scooter combining pedal power and battery power in one. The EW-29 is perfect for the user who would like to get a little exercise. Learn More
  20. EW Rugged Electric Mountain Bike
    EW Rugged Electric Mountain Bike
    The EW-Rugged Mountain Bike is built to last - providing miles of fun per charge and reaching speeds that make even the fastest scooter jealous. Learn More