Quingo Flyte Self-Loading Portable Scooter

By Quingo

SKU# QF08274 / Item ID # 33842

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Quingo Flyte with MK2 Docking Station by Quingo is a classy option if you’re looking for a safe and secure transportation option. The company developed the scooter’s impeccable design so you can ride in style. It has an elegant and sleek body with impressive color combinations.  Besides that, the shape and elements of this electric scooter make it very different from regular electric scooters. Most importantly, this scooter has a compact structure, allowing you to park it in smaller spaces. This way, you can park it in your garage with other cars, or park it in a small street if you are outside. 

Since it offers great space on both sides, you can easily go in and out of it without experiencing any trouble. This feature makes it an ideal product for seniors or anyone who struggles to balance while getting on and off of a scooter. When it comes to the Quingo Flyte with MK2 Docking Station by Quingo, you get optimal comfort. You can ride the scooter in an accurate position that prevents back pain. You should also know that this is the only scooter on the market offering you full ergonomic posture control. This is why it reduces the risk of knees, hips, backs, and ankle joint pains. Thanks to its comfort and convenient design, you can ride for several hours. 

If you want a bike to go shopping, then Quingo Flyte offers a basket to keep your shopping bags. One of these baskets is under the seat, and the other one is right in front of the scooter. The under-seat basket is deep, offering more storage for a large number of items. The total weight capacity of this scooter is 159 kg. You also need to know that it comes with a 250-watt electric motor. So if the battery dies, you can easily charge it in a few hours with the help of its charger. 

The most attractive feature of this scooter is that you can fold it anytime you want.  This characteristic allows you to store the scooter in a compact place when you are not using it. To give you optimal balance and control, this foldable scooter comes with five wheels. Seniors and people who struggle to drive traditional scooters can use them without worrying about falling and accidents. You should also know that it comes with anti-tip technology, which makes for a safe riding experience. The feet forward adaptive footplates offer a comfortable foot area, limiting the risk of foot pain. Some people are skeptical about motorized scooters because of their slower speed. But Quingo has solved this problem by offering a maximum speed of 4 mph. So, now you can reach your destination in less time. This scooter also comes with a 60-day warranty. In other words, if you don’t find it suitable for yourself or find any damages, you can simply claim the warranty. Lastly, you can drive this scooter in any place- whether it’s a straight, stony, or muddy path. 

Quingo Flyte with MK2 Docking Station by Quingo is a perfect scooter for anyone who wants a safe and secure long drive. You can easily keep up with its maintenance thanks to its open structure.  It offers features like high speed, higher weight capacity, two deep baskets, and a 60-day warranty. This motorized scooter is also foldable, which allows you to keep it in the back of your car when traveling. 

It also offers easy assembly so that you don't have to waste time and put too much effort into riding on this amazing bike. The designers have incorporated modern technology and methods to offer an ergonomic bike design.  This foldable scooter also comes with a 250-watt electric motor that goes a long way before it needs charging again. The best part is that this electric motor is now offered at a great value.

Product Highlights
  • Foldable and self loading in to your car
  • 5-wheel anti-tip technology
  • Your safety is our priority!
  • Chairs on Quingo scooters are adjustable in height, width and depth
  • Feet forward adaptive foot plates
  • Ample storage baskets
Width: 59"
Length: 110"
Height 101"
Maximum Speed 4 mph
Class 2
Intended Use Pavement
Kerb Climbing Height Ability 3"
Maximum Range 23 miles
Maximum with range extender 34 miles
Type 5 Wheel PMV
Weights and capacities  
Maximum weight limit 159kg/25st
Electric motor 250 Watt
Battery config 4 x 22AH or 6 x 22AH


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