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Scooter & Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle lifts allow you to easily and safely transport power wheelchairs, scooters, and wheelchairs in or behind your vehicle. When your mobility vehicle is large or heavy, a vehicle lift is necessary whenever you wish to transport it.

Vehicle lifts can give you greater freedom, allowing you to bring your scooter or wheelchair when traveling. You can then use your wheelchair or scooter once you reach your destination. Whether running errands, visiting friends, or traveling, vehicle lifts can make your life easier, allowing you to be independent away from home.

Different Types of Vehicle Wheelchair Lift

There are two main types of vehicle lifts: exterior lifts and interior lifts. Beyond these, you’ll also find two distinctive styles of scooter lifts in both categories: swing-arm scooter lifts, also known as rotary lifts or hoist lifts, and platform lifts, which may be manual or electric.

Exterior vehicle lifts carry your wheelchair or scooter behind your vehicle. You can often drive the wheelchair or scooter right onto the lift, which raises itself off the ground. Exterior vehicle lifts are ideal if you have a smaller car or want to save space inside your vehicle.

Those hoping to keep things simple may alternatively consider van and SUV wheelchair ramps, which allow you to roll your mobility aid right into your trunk, back seat, or van cargo hold. Side-entry wheelchair van conversion is another option—it all depends on your vehicle, your transport preferences, and the nature of the trips you plan on taking.

Inside Scooter Lifts

If you own a larger auto like an SUV or van, an inside scooter lift for vehicle use allows you to lift your mobility aid into the car effortlessly, stowing it for the ride in your trunk or back seat.

Consider a hoist lift for most personal vehicles—these lightweight devices are low-fuss and extraordinarily easy to install. Better yet, your entire wheelchair or scooter will be stashed away safely from the weather and elements of the road. There is no better way to travel if you’re preparing for a big trip. 

Outside Scooter Lifts

An exterior-style vehicle wheelchair lift is one of the easiest ways to stay mobile outside of your home and property. An outside scooter lift for vehicle attachment uses a rear-mounted platform to safely carry your wheelchair, scooter, power chair, or any other large mobility aid.

Scooter lifts for the outside of your vehicle are one of our top recommendations because they eliminate the need for a truck flatbed, SUV, or van. Any car can instantly be transformed into a much more convenient way to remain active and social. Why stay home?

Scooter Lifts for Trucks

Sometimes, a scooter lift for vehicle use involves a truck bed—it’s one of the most convenient ways to travel with your own mobility aid. If you own a pickup truck, we can recommend it heartily.

A vehicle wheelchair lift for your truck offers you safety, security, and the freedom to bring your scooter or power chair anywhere, into the city, off-road, or otherwise. High-capacity scooter lifts for trucks impose few limits on the size of your wheelchair or mobility aid, allowing you to live life uninhibited by inconvenience or space.

The Benefits of a Scooter Lift for Vehicle Transport

One of the most important reasons to consider hybrid mobility: an accessible vehicle means you never need to miss out on the best of what life has to offer. These devices take little time to install and guarantee your power chair or scooter won’t be damaged in transit.

At the end of the day, a vehicle wheelchair lift means you never need to compromise your safety for your freedom. You won’t struggle to bring your mobility aid anywhere—scooter lifts make transporting your lifeline simple and risk-free.

A Few Reasons to Consider a Vehicle Wheelchair Lift

You will find that vehicle lifts vary greatly in size, style, and price. Keep in mind, exterior lifts are each compatible with certain vehicle hitch types. If you have questions about which lift is right for your vehicle and scooter or wheelchair, then give us a call—we're happy to help you pick out the lift that's right for you.