How to Choose a Lift Chair Fabric Right for You

When you buy a lift chair, you’re adding a new piece of furniture to your home. You want it to fit in with your décor, but you also want it to be comfortable and welcoming. Choosing the right lift chair fabric is crucial to both of these factors. Here’s what you need to know about fabric choices when it comes to lift chairs.

Consider Your Home Environment

Before you start looking at different fabrics, think about your home environment where the chair will be kept. What are the most important qualities for a fabric to have? Consider:

  • Stain resistance (do you have kids, or do you plan to drink or eat in the chair?)
  • Ease of cleaning (some fabrics are waterproof for super easy spill cleanup)
  • Durability
  • Scratch resistance (especially important with pets in the home)
  • Color
  • Feel (do you prefer a leather or a softer material?)
  • Breathability (this is very important if you don’t like the feeling of warmth in your chair)

Decide which factors are most important to you, and look for a lift chair available in fabrics that provide you with those benefits.

Understand Your Options

Lift chairs are available in a number of different fabric options. Depending on the chair that you’re purchasing, you could have dozens of fabrics to choose from.

As an example, we’ve outlined some of the fabrics available on Golden lift chairs below:

  • Valor Urethanes – This new fabric offers both protection for your chair and a bit of eye-catching style. The leather-like grain pattern feels wonderful, and the gorgeous colors will work with nearly any décor scheme. A subtle sheen completes this attractive fabric.
  • Brisa Fresco – A breathable fabric, the Brisa Fresco is enhanced with silver ion antimicrobial agents. You can disinfect this fabric, and it’s incredibly easy to maintain and clean.
  • Brisa – This soft and luxurious faux leather fabric creates a wonderful feel. Its ventilation system allows it to breathe, so you stay cool and comfortable. Easy to clean with just soap and water, this fabric is stain, scratch, and blemish resistant.

Pride lift chairs are available with the following fabric options:

  • Ultrafabrics Ultraleather – Reminiscent of premium grade leather, this fabric is more resistant to temperature changes for increased comfort. Its antimicrobial surface is incredibly easy to clean with just soap and water.
  • Crypton Super Fabrics – These fabrics are 100% water resistant, so you can literally just wipe spills off of your lift hair. The moisture barrier is backed by a 5-year warranty, and the fabric can even be disinfected.
  • Lexis Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric – This faux leather upholstery is the first stain resistant urethane fabric. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to abrasions, and is equipped with UV stability. You can wipe stains off of this anti-bacterial fabric with a cloth.

This is just a sampling of the available fabrics. From standard fabrics to faux leather and faux suede, you’ll have plenty of options when shopping for your lift chair.

Making Your Choice

You’ll find that some lift chairs are available in particular fabrics, while other chairs come with other fabric choices. However, taking the time to find the right fabric for your lift chair can contribute to your enjoyment of the chair.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you choose the right lift chair and fabric for your home.