VersaCare® MedSurg Bed (Certified Refurbished)

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Certified Refurbished products are thoroughly, painstakingly, and lovingly tested, so you can be sure that your device will work right, right away. It is our goal is to produce a product that meets or exceeds its originally manufactured condition and performance. Our hospital beds undergo an in-depth refurbishment process to thoroughly and professionally restore them back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The VersaCare® Medical Bed enables high quality of care for complex medical conditions via advanced solutions that support safety, mobilization, and skin care. This bed also assists caregivers with daily care to help make their lives easier.

The VersaCare bed features a chair position that keeps the bed low while the user is in a seated position. Because the bed is kept low, transfers are safer and easier for both the user and caregiver. There is a side rail touchscreen interface for the caregiver that controls the functions of the bed as well as a convenient foot pedal for the caregiver to raise or lower the bed. For safety of the user, a three mode exit sensor with an alarm alerts the caregiver if the user exits the bed. The VersaCare has a turn assist feature that repositions the user to redistribute pressure or to provide aid to the caregiver. The length of the bed can be easily retracted or extended electronically to accommodate the height of the user. 

Product Highlights
  • Low bed floor to edge of sleep surface
  • LowChair® position - allows the user to be in a fully seated position in the bed
  • SlideGuard® bed articulation technology
  • FlexAfoot® electrical bed retraction and extension - allows the caregiver to extend or retract the bed to customize to the user's length
  • Boost® patient repositioning system makes it easier to reposition the user toward the head of bed (watch video below)
  • Turn assist (on AIR/P500 surface) - assist caregivers in turning the user 20° left or right.
  • Advanced Microclimate® Technology (on P500 surface)
  • HandsFree® foot controls allows caregivers hands free operation of the high/low and head operation
  • Battery backup - if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to operate the bed
  • Obstacle detect® - senses objects that are between the bed frame and will not allow lowering of the frame if an obstacle is detected
  • Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their head/neck to be lower than their lower extremities
  • Reverse Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their lower extremities to be lower than their head/neck
  • Hand control - user has the ability to control the head/knee up/down
  • Stand assist - use of the high/low helps the user stand and exit the bed
  • Firm perimeter - step deck bed frame design provides a firm support around the perimeter when the user exits or enters the bed
  • Nightlight - one light on each side of the bedframe to help illuminate the floor
  • Point-of-Care® bedside controls for caregivers
  • Easy grip handles
  • Integrated scale (optional)
  • Siderail Pads (optional)
  • Siderail Extension (optional) increase the height of the siderails by 3"
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Weight: 495 lbs
Overall Length: 82.5" to 94.5"
Overall Width: 37"
Max Head Elevation: 65°
Max Trend-like Positioning:  15°
Bed Height: 17" to 34"
1 Year parts and technical phone support warranty
Beds that are delivered, are exempt from return. If defective or damaged, please send images to so we can do a full replacement or a part replacement. Please contact the customer service number listed on your emailed order confirmation for assistance within 72 hours of delivery. Defects discovered more than 72 hours after the mattress or foundation has been delivered may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if any.

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