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  1. Molift® Duo Rail Portable Gantry (Motor Not Included)
    Molift® Duo Rail Portable Gantry (Motor Not Included)
    • Due to the lightweight system, it is easy to install the gantry and move it to a new location
    • The gantry system has supreme stability and a functional design
    • Molift hoist motors can easily be charged thorough the hand control
    As low as $2,178.00
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  2. eTac Molift Quattro Freestanding Lift System - Main Image
    Molift Quattro Freestanding Lift System
    • A freestanding traverse gantry
    • Solves most overhead lifting situations
    • Can be delivered in two sizes: 3x3 meters and 4x4 meters.
    As low as $4,485.00
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If you plan on using an overhead patient lift, then you will need an appropriate track system for the lift to run on. Track systems come in many different orientations so that you can find the track system that's just right for your needs and room setup.


Track systems range from the simple to the complex. At the most basic, a freestanding straight rail track travels over the patient's bed and allows you to transfer them from bed into a wheelchair by the bed's side, and vice versa. You can also choose track systems which facilitate patient transfers in the bathroom.


You will find that some track systems are freestanding, while others require installation into the wall or ceiling. Determining just which track system is right for your needs will depend on the room that you're working in, the space that you have available, and whether you're looking for a long-term track system. In some cases, it may be well worth the effort to install a track system into the ceiling or wall. In other instances, a free standing track system may easily fulfill your needs.


When investing in a track system, especially one that will be used in the home, carefully consider whether portability is an important feature. If you're working with limited space, the ability to wheel the track system away when it's not in use can be an appealing advantage. You will also want to make sure that the track system can be adjusted to suit your needs – a track must be tall and wide enough to fit over the patient's bed.


Track systems offer a convenient alternative to the task of installing a ceiling track system in your home. Track systems allow you to enjoy the benefits of an overhead ceiling patient lift without the installation expense of a full ceiling track system.