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Carroll CS3 Hi-Low Hospital Bed

By Invacare

SKU# CS3SET / Item ID # 27017

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The Carroll CS Series CS3 Bed by Invacare is an innovative hi-lo bed that's packed with value. The CS3 was designed to remain stable when the bed is raised positions and mobile while the bed is lowered. The CS3 comes in two universal lengths, 76" and 80", with an optional length extender for an 84" length. This bed is also available in three widths, 36", 39", and 42", so it can accommodate nearly all users.

The CS3 has an impressive height range of 8.5" to 27", but what really sets it apart is its Maxi-Lock system, which secures the bed to the floor while the bed is in all elevated positions, keeping both the user and caregiver safe. Additionally, the CS3 is mobile when lowered, making transfers safer and easier. The deck of the CS3 features an exclusive arched slatted deck as opposed to a traditional grid deck. A slatted deck design improves infection control by allowing more air to reach the bottom of the mattress which prevents moisture buildup and keeps the mattress clean and dry. Since there is less surface area of the deck rubbing against the mattress, a slatted deck actually extends the life of the mattress without compromising the stability or comfort of the user.

The CS3 comes with plenty of convenient standard features. The control pendant is durable, waterproof, and is ergonomically designed with universal, easy-to-read symbols. The CS3 also comes with I.V. rod holders and a fixed heel lift at the foot of the bed. We also love that the CS3 has a 'fast connect' system that requires no tools for assembly, and makes setup and adjustments simple and easy. 

Product Highlights
  • Hi Low Bed drops to 8.5" height making it one of the lowest beds on the market and raises to 27"
  • Auto Contour simultaneously raises both the head and the knees, residents stay comfortably in place while being better positioned for reading, watching TV or talking to family members. The simultaneous movement also helps prevent painful skin shearing that might otherwise occur during repositioning
  • Rapid tool free assembly minimizes delivery set-up time and makes maintenance easier
  • Exclusive arched slat deck design allows for improved infection control
  • Carroll CS beds feature a rugged Hand Control, with bright, universal symbols, allowing residents and staff to easily operate the comfort controls of the bed
  • Maxi-Lock floor lock system securing the bed to the floor in all elevated positions
  • Wall Bumper is included to ensure the bed is the proper distance from the wall for safe operation
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Product Weight: 190 lbs
Width: 36", 39", 42"
Length: 76", 80"
Bed Height: 8.5" to 27"
Max Back Angle: 70°
Massage: No
Wheels: Swivel
Input Voltage: 3.5A max
Beds Overview (3.91 MB)
Manual (4.75 MB)
Brochure (2.20 MB)
Frame: 10 years, Mechanical: 5 years, Electrical: 2 years. This warranty is not extended to any other person or entity and is not transferable or assignable to any subsequent purchaser or owner. Coverage under this warranty will end upon any such subsequent sale or other transfer of title to any other person. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

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