For Caregivers

Happy National Nurses Day!

Today is National Nurses Day and the first day of National Nurses Week! Do you have a nurse or nurses that have contributed to keeping you healthy and well? We bet you do. Today, and this week, is the perfect time to express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication. Nurses have a passion for helping others and a drive to carry them through a hectic, long, and often thankless work day. Ironically, more nurses have been facing health issues themselves due to stress, poor nutrition, and difficult work demands. Nurses can face life, death, joy, and pain head-on during just one shift. It is of the utmost importance that we all take the time to make sure they know how much they are appreciated.

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Happy Caregiver Appreciation Day!

A Day to Honor Caregivers Everywhere

Caregiver Appreciation Day comes not once, but many times a year. The holiday is celebrated on various days throughout the year, including today, March 3rd. While normally we stick to one day per holiday, let’s be honest, they deserve all of the appreciation! 

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Taking Care of the Caregiver

When a loved one needs your care, it can be all too easy to dedicate yourself to meeting their needs. But in order to care for a loved one, you, the caregiver, need to take care of yourself, too. These four steps can help to keep you safe and healthy so you can care for your loved one.   

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5 Must Have Products for Caregivers

Caregiving is a job that is strenuous, both on your body and on your emotions. Having the right equipment can make caregiving easier and safer. We’ve highlighted our top 5 favorite products for caregivers; they’re must-have products that can help to keep both caregivers and patients safe.

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You’re a Caregiver for Your Parent: Now What?

It’s a situation that many adult children find themselves in. For decades your parent has been there for you. She’s provided emotional support and guidance. She has helped you financially, and has possibly been your closest ally. In short, your parent has been a shining constant in your life. Now the roles are reversed and she’s the one who needs your support.

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10 Essential Products That Every Elderly Caretaker Needs

Caring for the elderly is a special job that requires a certain type of dedicated, loving person. When you’re caring for the elderly, your job can be made easier when you have these 10 essential products at hand. If you haven’t done so already, then put these products on your shopping list to not only make caretaking easier, but to allow you to take better care of your patient or loved one.

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