Wheelchair Ramps

  1. PVI Rear Door Van Ramp
    Rear Door Van Ramp
    • Mounts to Floor of Van Inside Doorway
    • Easily Operated by One Person
    • Durable Welded Construction
    As low as $1,025.00
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  2. PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramp
    PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramp
    • Ramp lengths from 2'-8' and platform sizes up to 8'x5'
    • Two surface options - solid and expanded metal - to meet your needs.
    • Made of high-strength aluminum which will not deteriorate in the outdoor elements
    As low as $2,492.00
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Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps are essential in making buildings accessible to people who use aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Mobility ramps can help transform stairs, doorways, and building entrances so that they can be navigated by the elderly, injured, or handicapped.

Different Types of Ramps for Mobility

Ramps are available in a wide variety of designs. Some mobility ramps are intended for permanent installation, while others are created for temporary use. 

Many ramps are designed to be portable so that a person can bring their ramp with them to overcome accessibility issues as they travel or do errands.

Solid Wheelchair Ramp

A solid aluminum wheelchair ramp is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and gets the job done every time. Convert any problem area in your home or commercial space into a gentle, accessible incline, inviting all types of visitors right in.

What types of challenges can a solid wheelchair ramp help you overcome? They range wildly in size and complexity—some include rails, and some offer a simple solution to one single step or curb. 

Modular Wheelchair Ramp

If your home or property isn’t designed with mobility limitations in mind, a modular wheelchair ramp is likely the most effective solution to consider. They’re large and often pricier than a simple, single-step aluminum ramp, but their adjustable nature often means you can tailor your package to include only what’s necessary.

A modular aluminum wheelchair ramp can address even the most seemingly-inaccessible buildings, stairways, pathways, and buildings. These systems are customizable by nature—our team of experts will be able to assess your space and help you determine the ramp length, incline grade, and platform size suitable for a much more accommodating entryway.

Threshold Wheelchair Ramp

Those searching for the simplest possible accessibility aid will love what we offer in this category; threshold ramps are our most affordable, least intrusive way to ensure a smooth ride in every part of your home or business.

Threshold ramps can be used for everything from the single step leading into your home to the street curb tripping you up every time you try to cross it. We offer a wheelchair ramp for every possible situation—raised landings, small interior spaces, and more can all improve the comfort and ease with which you make your way around every single day.

Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

If you have got a wheelchair or scooter that goes everywhere you do, there is no better way to travel. If you’ve never tried a multi-fold aluminum wheelchair ramp for your car or van, you might be surprised by how much they can benefit you in an everyday sense. These affordable and versatile accessibility solutions make every outing one to remember without the hassle of wrestling your mobility aid into your trunk.

A foldable, portable wheelchair ramp is our top recommendation for those concerned with vehicle accessibility, although these popular options are far from your only choice in this regard

How, Where, and When to Install a Wheelchair Ramp

Homeowners may choose to purchase ramps if they or a loved one cannot navigate stairs. In addition to being suitable for business use, the ramps on these pages are also ideal for home use. From a basic threshold ramp to a full access ramp with handrails, there is sure to be a ramp available to suit your specific needs.

When choosing a ramp, you will need to decide what style, construction materials, size, and budget suit your needs. If outfitting a business to be wheelchair accessible, ramps can make an affordable, easy installation option. If you or a loved one depend on a wheelchair, then there are a variety of ramps that can make your home and areas you travel to accessible.

More significant access ramp systems are ideal for homes and businesses. When a building isn't accessible because of stairs, ramps can be installed as an alternative way to access the building. If you are dealing with a large set of stairs or a steep incline, then a system of ramps paired with landings may be necessary to make a safe and accessible entrance.

A wheelchair ramp and other accessibility aids are the perfect solutions for friends, family, and patrons in a wheelchair. But, they’re not the only ones who stand to benefit from this courtesy. Even an individual using a cane may find that traversing an aluminum wheelchair ramp is significantly easier than going without one. 

Consider any of our finest ramps today for your home or business.